Sunday, October 6, 2019

Women's Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Women's Work - Essay Example For an example how cultured a Romanian woman is depends on her personality and her attitude. She does not want to stagnate in the boredom of daily life, but is always trying out new things, learning about new ideas and acquiring new information to augment her knowledge. (Halsall, 1998) A cultural woman will never forget who she really is. The three main roles a women plays in her whole life time is of a daughter, wife and a mother. But a cultured daughter, wife and mother show different duties to society. (UNESCO) The initial stage of a women hood is where she is some one's daughter. Its there a women develops the strength of character, tolerance unconditional love and culture. But as time passes she moves on, her out look changes but the inner qualities of a cultured women remains the same. That is why she can be called cultural in contrast of men whose images of super power, some one who not bend but will be willing to guide. (About, 2008) According to almost every culture a woman leaves her family and goes to her husband's place once she is married. A cultured woman follows this tradition. She will maintain a balance between the culture she came from and the culture she went into and will follow it. She will respect the values and norms of her in laws and will prove herself to be the best for adjusting in that family. (About, 2008) A woman'

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