Thursday, October 17, 2019

Eco-tourism in New Zealand Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Eco-tourism in New Zealand - Research Paper Example This requires communicating the restrictions without discouraging the audience. This enhances the importance of the right marketing communications mix which includes using technology to convey the customer feedback and collaborating with the government agencies. The industry is thriving and there is scope for new entrants to an emphasis on personal selling would help Dolphin Explorers to expand its reach. The nature of tourism has changed in recent times as new markets and new kinds of tourism have emerged (Herbig & O'Hara, 1997). Ecotourism has emerged among these as the fastest growing segment within the travel and tourism industry. Ecotourism involves travel to experience natural environments or settings. The demand for eco-tourism increased as customers shifted from mass tourism enriching and individualistic experiences (Diamintis & Ladkin, 1999). It has been defined as "responsible travel which conserves the natural environment and sustains the wellbeing of local people" (Herbig & O'Hara, 1997). It is a segment of the travel that appeals to the environmentally conscious and has a low impact on the surrounding area while contributing to the local economy. Nevertheless, the reality is quite different and New Zealand has particularly experienced social, cultural and economic impact. The inbound ecotourism market in New Zealand has experienced overall growth and ecotourism in NZ focuses on marine environments, particularly marine mammals, botanical, geological and ornithological resources (Higham & Carr, 2003). Wildlife tourism too also forms a significant element in ecotourism and involves seabirds, marine mammals and native avifauna. The growth and proliferation of eco tourism operations has created difficulties for this sector in NZ. Ecotourism can deprive the local people of the resources that they have been using (Herbig & O'Hara, 1997). Besides, once the local economies become dependent on eco-tourism, any downturn in tourism impacts their stability. Ecotourism can result in the commercialization of the culture. On the social side ecotourism, with higher disposable incomes in the hands of the local people can give rise to alcohol-related disturbances. Thus, for eco-tourism companies promoting tourism and sustaining the company poses a great challenge. Â  

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