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Culture and Diversity: Understanding Islam Essay

Abstract: An important part of this course, this research paper is on diversity and multiculturalism and its social, cultural and ethical impact on individual citizens, groups of people and society at large is about understanding Islam. This paper will contain information on teaching of Islam and how they are interpreted and practiced in different countries and cultures, including the United Stated, Great Britain, the Middle East, India, Pakistan and other Asian countries. Additionally, how is it contrasted with Christianity and Judaism, how do these understandings impact the ways that Muslims and non- Muslims interact and communicate with one another? Introduction Islam is highly controversial and sensitive issue in today’s world and there are many misconceptions about its beliefs, values and goal. Through this research paper, I would like to go over this issues in more detail and I hope to understand the problems and have a correct understanding on Islamic beliefs. For example, many Americans believe that most Muslims live in the Middle East, while in reality Indonesia has many more people of the Islamic faith. This paper will help me and the readers to understand what this means is that Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, is practiced in many different cultures, and it both shape and shaped by those cultures. In order to have clear understanding, the definition of Islam and Muslim  have to be defined. Islam is the religion that Muslim people practice, the same exact way that Judaism is the religion followed by Jews, and that Christians follow Christianity (see I. What is teachings of Islam? (Advanced in Natural & Applied Science. 2012, Vol.6 issue 3, p365-373. 9p.) A. Islam is not merely a religion rather than it is a deen (that is a balance of worldly and godly affairs). Thus, Islam is a way of life where religion and culture are one, not separate. B. The core elements in Islamic culture are universal; Muslims can take on every elements in every culture that is not against the Qur’an and Sunnah. C. the Qur’an emphasizes that the universe is created with purpose and the creation of physical environment too has its purpose. D. In Islam, humans are encourage to gain knowledge through using all senses, about themselves and the physical environment around them in order to know Allah and obtain faith (Iman) and taqua.The Qur’an is constantly reminding people that every aspect in life is integrated. II. How they are interpreted and or practiced in different countries and culture including U. S, Great Britain, Middles East, India, Pakistan, Russia and other Asia countries? A. There are many misconceptions and stereotyping of Muslims and Arab are partly rooted with insufficient and through incorrect education. (Culture & Religion Review Journal. 2013, Vol.2013 Issue 1, p143- 158. 16p. B. Middle East people practiced variety of religion by the beginning of the seventh century c.e. One of these deities called Allah 9 Arabic name for God). When Muhammad was born in Mecca around 570 c.e. Muhammad started to receive messages from Allah and soon started to spread God’s messages. Not all of Mecca citizen were receptive to messages initially, many wealthy regarded as a threat to their power and position. Mecca’s leaders persecuted Muhammad and his followers and Muhammad and his followers moved to Yathrib, where the first Islamic government was establish (Carr, Melissa S. Who are the Muslim? 2003, p4 – 8. 5p). C. Islam’s spread into East and Southeast Asia occurred through peaceful ways, particularly trade and missionary work. Southeast Asian voluntarily and gradually adopted Islam. It was accepted and practiced with elements of pre Islamic religious beliefs (such as animism, Buddhism and Hinduism). It is more tolerant of other religion faith than their Middle Eastern or North African  counterparts. Today Muslim missionaries are still active and funded greatly by Saudi Arabia and other oil producing Persian Gulf states (Terrorist Group.2006, pN.PNG.5p). D.In Cultural & Religious Review Journal.2013, Vol.2013 Issue 1, p143-158. Hosseini, Hengameh stated about several misconceptions and stereotyping about Muslims and Arabs in the U.S. due to historical, political, and education-related reasons. The author stated that many misconceptions and stereotyping is due to influence of media such as TV evangelists and radio talk show hosts. The author stated that through these media many Americans have negative perceptions of Muslims such as: strict religion, long robes, veiled women, always praying, Mecca, holy war, Arabs, violence, terrorism, no women’s rights, Allah, Quran, poverty, dark skin, harems, inequality, military war, anti- American, and strong belief. In Another article by Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences. Dec2010, Vol. 2 Issue 2, p472-494. By Iribarnegaray, Deanna mentioned that following events of 9/11, the military approach of â€Å"the War on Terror† has resulted in the conflation of the mainstream vision of Islam with militant Islam and some Muslim communities in the West are suffering from Islamophobia. But Islam is steadily spreading in U.S and other part of Western countries. E To related Islam to recent bombing in Boston Marathon, I would like to add Russia in this paper and see how Russia is adapting and interpret Islam. According to the 2002 census, the Muslim population of Russia was 14.5 million people. By 2008, the number of Muslim citizens exceeded 15 million, not taking into account legal and illegal migration. ( Alexei V Malashenko. Social Research Vol 76: No 1: Spring 2009) The Russian Muslim population is multiethnic (Islam is the faith of 38 native peoples of Russia) and multicultural. Each of the two large groups are the Tartars and Bashkir, has its own religious traditions, history, and historically different relations with the center (Moscow and kremlin). Islam in Russia is not only has a role in religion but it has a role in social and political area as well as in financial structures. (Alexei V. Malashemko, Social Research Vol 76.) F. Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population; 86 % of its 245 million people are Muslim. And one the  island of Java, where more than half of the nation’s population lives, more than 90 % of the people are Muslim. Indonesia is the one of the largest Mecca for religious pluralism and they keep interreligious relations and continue Indonesia’s tradition of Pancasila –the â€Å"five principles†. But Indonesian Muslims, who practice religious pluralism are being threatened by Islamic puritanism by FPI or Islamic Defenders Front. (Pinault, David, Commonweal. 9/28/2012, Vol. 139 Issue16) III. Contrast with Christianity and Judaism According to Carr, Melissa S. in Who are the Muslims, 2003, p4-8, the people living in the area of Middle East practiced a variety of religions, including Judaism, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism. During early the early part of the 7yh century a new monotheistic religion, Islam emerged in the Arabian Peninsula. The similarity between all three of the world’s major monotheistic faith has origins to the patriarch Abraham, Judaism and Christianity through Abraham’s younger son from his first wife, Isaac, and Islam through his older son, Ishmael. This was the major development of the different faith started. Muslims believe Muhammad was the last in a line of the prophets to whom God had given divine prophesies. Despite these similarities, there are major basic differences between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Muslim consider the commandments of the Jewish Torah, that was ascribed to Moses, and Jesus’ teachings as recorded in the Christian Gospels to be divinely inspired, but they believed that although Jesus relayed God’s divine message, Christians later changed the scriptures by adding into them the claim that Jesus was the Son of God. Therefore Muslims consider it Islam’s primary mission to proclaim God’s undistorted messages and replace the older Jewish and Christian traditions with the newer and more original Islamic ones. Islam respect both the Torah and the Bible, they consider the Qur’an, the messages received by Muhammad as the final, and most important messages to humanity from God. IV. These understanding impact the ways the Muslims and non- Muslims interact  and communicate with one another. The understanding of different faith will affirm the importance id dialogue between people of different faiths, it is important not only in multi- religious contexts but equally where there is a large majority of a particular faith. IT is vital to protect rights of minority groups and religious freedom and to enable all to contribute to the common good of all in the community. In conclusion, I can say that like in many religion and especially as in Christianity, Islam has also come a long ways and took the similar path as many other major religion and have a same mission mind as Christianity. Islam teaching is more readily accepted in more third world where they need financial support and where it is very open to many religion unlike Middles Eastern countries. Many say pluralism is the way of getting close to unity between different religions but that also brings a question of how they will keep the authenticity of original but that also brings question of how they will keep the authenticity of original messages of its religion. References Carr, Melissa S. Who are the Muslims? 2003, p4-8. 5P Lribanegaray, D. (2010). Considering Relations between Islam and the West in Three†discrpent Experience†: From Ivasion to Retribution. Journal of Alternatitve Perspectives in the Social Science, 23. Hosseini, H. (2013). International diversity and its problems: Teaching Islamic culture at an American institution. Culture & Religion review journal, 2013(1), 143-158. Malashenko, A. V. (2009). Islam in Russia. Social research, 78(1), 321-358. Sicherman, H. (n.d.). Islam in Asia. In H. Sicherman (Author), Islam in Asia. Mason crest. Yaabcob, M. (2012). Islamic Teachings on the Environment. Advanced in Natural & applied science, 6(3), 365-373.

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Advantages of PHP Language in Web Design

Now a day, when we talk about web designing, the first language which comes into our mind is PHP. It is one on the hottest scripting language into today's technology world. Well, the reason behind its popularity is no license cost. PHP is an open source, which you can download free of cost and customize it according your project requirements. It comes with PHPMyAdmin, which is supported by database languages like MY SQL2.0, SQL, etc to create database tables. By using PHP, you can build fast, secure and dynamic web portals, as it is the most compatible language. The design and interface is very simple, which makes this language easy to understand. To make you application secure from virus and spyware attacks, the security functions are available with the technical support available worldwide. PHP is widely acclaimed open source programming language which has changed the web development scenario. It requires less processor space, so it doesn't affect the speed of the system. There are certain aspects like scalability, flexibility, usability which comes into our mind while creating a dynamic website. PHP is user friendly covering all these aspects mentioned above and makes it the most suitable language for creating web pages. The modular structure of codes in PHP can adapt the change and custom module can be created very easily. Ready to use framework like Zend can be used to build big web portals. Other frameworks like Joomla and Drupal are commonly used to develop business websites. Your blog system can be enhanced through WordPress Plugins.

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Case summary in operation management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Case summary in operation management - Essay Example Oftentimes it is related to ecological resources. Ecological sustainability is referred to as the company’s ability to use natural resources at its current pace without depleting the resources or supply it depends upon (Miranda, Kay 2014). The company in our case uses pine wood, results of which, according to research conducted, cause abiotic depletion, global warming, ozone layer depletion and other environmental damages. Recommended actions are to reduce resources used, substitution of fireboard with plywood, design and others that would contribute to sustainability of supply because use of wood is not sustainable. Since sustainability is everybody else’s responsibility, industry must set the lead by instituting process changes or designs, and it devise plans to minimize wastes and disturb the eco-system. It has been suggested that businesses must not focus only on sales and profit, but should include in their agenda a partnership with community to improve its relationship. Community relations would attract customers, more future sales and quality life for future generations.(Miranda, Kay 2014) The study showed that thru research are eco-friendly ways were found that can address sustainability of supply. For instance they came up with a way to disassemble the box for further use and arrived at designs that decrease its dependence on forest woods. For me, sustainability should start with company practices that are related with existing resources and collaboration with suppliers, government and community. Sustainability operation is a long term solution most of which are geared to the future and long-term survival of business. It also needs the government, as the custodial of the environment; say for example, landfills and waste management. Factories throw way a lot of toxic wastes and a ruling from the government eliminates this

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A short story or a poem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

A short story or a poem - Essay Example It was actually a fine day, which means when it was not particularly busy and we have some time for ourselves. I remember myself pushing some chairs, dragging them out of boredom and sheer laziness that they make some scraping sounds on the floor. I noted how, Mrs. Dory, an elderly regular and the only customer present, darted me piercing looks for annoying her fine breakfast. I ignored her entirely as I twiddled with some condiments on my hands, sending some caps down the floor in the process. Everyone was doing the same, on the counter Easton was still probably mooning over the past weekend, back at the kitchen the other guys must be asleep out of non-exhaustion, except probably with Marie, who were outside with her sun and reading her book. Needless to say, Tim was absent to cheer every one up. Just as Mrs. Dory was rising, perhaps to complain about my behavior, a woman was suddenly at the door. It was nothing much, really, except for the fact that there was only Mrs. Dory and I and the Easton visibly present. I was immediately jolted back from my troubles, out of my tantrums and, automatically, forced a smile on my face to welcome the newcomer. She was about 40, smallish - frail, if you may - and had the shock of black hair, which, now that I think about it, resembled the mop that framed Tims head. Anyway, she was making his way towards Easton, clutching a paper with her hand draped on her breast. The counter was close so I overheard her faint words. "Well, actually, theres no manager. Theres only the owner, Mr. Craig who comes here every so often to check on us. But if you have any message for him, I could just tell him or you can go back tomorrow afternoon. He will be here." There is really nothing like being told that someone close to you, of your own age and someone who have worked with you for a long time have died so suddenly. I, honestly, did not know what to say. Everything was like a blur and next thing I know she was gone and there was

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The Passions and the Interests Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Passions and the Interests - Essay Example The point of departure in Hirschman's thesis is that "[capitalism] would activate some benign human proclivities at the expense of some malignant ones." In a "cash is king" or "money makes the mayor go" environment which basically elevates capitalism to the status of a savior ideology and a panacea to all social and individual ills, his commentary on capitalism stands out for which the proponent needs intellectual courage. One of the findings of Hirschman points towards the repression of human passion in favor of harmless commercial interests which became the centerpiece of capitalism but soon denounced as a negative feature emerging out of it. Thus nobel laureate Amartya Sen creates a scenario to elucidate the interplay between violent passion in society and individual's interest in acquiring wealth in what he calls a "crude example": consider a situation in which you are being chased by murderous bigots who passionately dislike something about you-the color of your skin, the look of your nose, the nature of your faith, or whatever. As they zero in on you, you throw some money around as you flee, and each of them gets down to the serious business of individually collecting the notes. As you escape, you may be impressed by your own good luck that the thugs have such benign self-interest, but the universalizing theorist would also note that this is only an example of the general phenomenon of violent p assion being subdued by innocuous interest in acquiring wealth. Hirschman makes the point that individuals are better off trading with each other rather than fighting with each other. Hirschman relives the intellectual climate of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to highlight the changes in the capitalist ideology, wherein the pursuit of wealth which was once condemned as greed was later on upheld as a contributing factor towards harnessing and taming the destructive passions of individual. Compared with the Marxian interpretation wherein capitalism would cease to exist as an ideology with the withering away of the state, Hirschman's interpretation of capitalism and its rise takes an innovative form in that he maintains that capitalism is an unending ideology and that it only transformed itself through a series of internal processes into the modern market economy or its various off-shoots witnessed in many parts of the world. Hirschman taking inspiration from a large number of thinkers including Montesquieu, John Miller and Sir James Steuart "to gain a perspective on the meaning and significance of the views" spends some time narrating different views on the impact of economic activity on politics, and though the different views often advocate different policies, the common thread in the argument is that economic growth including betterment of the masses leads a society towards stabilization and which in turn may lead towards a process of democratization. According to Hirschman, if passions represent the state, and interests represent capitalism, the state regulates capitalism and capitalism is expected to regulate or tame the rulers' passions..

Philosophy - Article oppression by Irish Young - response

Philosophy - oppression by Irish Young - response - Article Example Exploitation generally depicts the conflicts between and haves and have-nots. It is a major trade union issue of all times, as most of the workers’ unions think that the management is their permanent enemy and the workers need to be in war with it always. In the extreme form of unionism, productivity is lost sight of, resulting in grievous loss to the economy. The working class also suffers in the long run. Marginalization is about those sections that are unable to bear with the stiff competition in the labor market due to variety of factors like loss of employment due to recession, disabilities, racial discrimination, etc. Powerlessness is about the plight of the workers, especially those who are unskilled and are unable to tap the alternative sources of employment due to lack of educational qualifications. Such classes of workers have neither autonomy nor authority and have less chances of improving their job prospectus. They have to carry on with the available facilities. Cultural Dominance refers to the dominance of one group over the other that goes in tandem with cultural expressions and interpretations on the basis of history. Iris Marion Young argues about such attitudes in her book â€Å"Justice and the Politics of Difference, â€Å"The Hebrews are oppressed in Egypt, and many users of the term oppression in West invoke this paradigm.†(41) Violence dominates over a big canvas of societal life. State sanctioned violence, racial segregation, harassment to women in workplace, are some of the prominent examples of oppression in these areas. In this materialistic world impacted by industrial and internet revolutions, Iris Young has correctly assessed the aspects related to various types of oppressions and the anguish they cause in the day to day life of the people in the concerned segments as stated above. Attitudinal differentiation on the basis of sex is the hallmark of societal interactions. In

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Managing the Asian Meltdown Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Managing the Asian Meltdown - Case Study Example As a result of the country developing as a major industrial nation, the country begun to receive pressure from other economic powers in relation to liberalizing its economy (Corning 3). The labor, on the other hand benefited from Korea’s developmental state by mainly improving the Chaebol businesses and privileges for the labor unions. The Chaebol amassed more assets, which they used as collaterals to secure loans. In addition, the expansion in terms of development during the 1980s, created a favorable environment for labor and guaranteed a lifetime employment (Corning 3). The collapse of the Hanbo Steel was significant in the sense that it contributed to the collapse of other four group companies, and almost brought down the Korea First. Further, the collapse of the Hanbo Steel was significant in terms of revealing the problems that existed with the Korea’s financial system (Corning 3). On another note, the term â€Å"connected lending† in this context, means the focus by the Korean banks on lending loans for expansion to the Chaebol without considering the financial risk of accumulating bad loans. The country’s current account deficit increased inn 1996 as a result of a slowdown in exports. The government and investor’s view of the country’s economic development revolved around a lack of questioning the economic model (Corning 4). Further, the term â€Å"Asian contagion† means the spread of tensions related to the economic crises that caused investors to explore other financial markets. Korea’s initial position in regard to the assistance from IMF involved a focus on improving the depreciating won that was sending investors away to other financial markets(Corning 5). The person who contributed to the IMF-brokered bailout was Michel Camdessus, and the funds were to be used to replenish the country’s foreign-currency reserves so as to improve the

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Project Life Cycle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Project Life Cycle - Essay Example During this stage a suitable response to the problem is documented in a business case alongside recommendations that detail solution alternatives. Feasibility study comes handy to examine if each alternative addresses objectives of the project before making the final recommendation. In the feasibility the team asks the question â€Å"can we do the project?†And in justification the question â€Å"should we do the project?† is asked. Planning is the next stage that serves to further develop the project solution. Here, the team makes a detail study of the work as it identifies the project steps and resource requirements and at the same time come up with a working strategy to help meet the set goals. To accomplish this, the team comes up with an outline of the tasks, activities, dependencies and timeframes. It is this point where the project manager develops the project budget to help control and monitor expenditure during implementation stage. Together all this is referred to as the scope management.The other important consideration is risk management, an aspect which looks into matters that pose possible threats to the whole process. Here, â€Å"high-threat† potential problems are established along with the measures that are to be taken (Kanda, 2011). Finally, the project manager documents a quality plan; detailing on quality targets, control measures, and assurance alongside an acceptance plan. During this third stage, the project plan is set on motion to carry out the task of the project as the team monitors the progress and make necessary adjustments, which are also recorded as variations from the original plan. In addition, this stage involves reporting on progress through regular team meetings. The information gathered here helps to maintain control over the path taken by the project through analysis of activities performance when comparing the output to the project plan. . Status reports delivered in

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Recorded Music Industry Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Recorded Music Industry - Assignment Example In so doing, it will make use of two strategic widely accepted strategic management techniques, namely PESTLE analyses and Porter's Five Forces Model. This report will end with the presentation of the identified industry's identified opportunities and threats. PESTLE Analysis stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental which represents the important aspects affecting the operation and strategic direction of a business organisation and the whole industry. This strategic management tool gains wide acceptance among managers and industry analyst because it offers an extensive identification of the environmental factors that affects an industry. The past years have witnessed the rapid integration of economies into a global village due to the various political agreements. It should be noted that both geographical and political boundaries are disappearing with the creation of trade agreements, free trade zones, regional blocs, and economic zones. This rapid globalisation facilitates the influx of goods and services within geographic borders at lower tariffs, duties, and other trade boundaries. This is coupled with the free flow of capital especially in developing countries where foreign direct investments are warmly welcomed with financial and non-financial incentives. These policies which are instituted to promote globalisation have crucial implications for the global music industry. These enabled large music labels to penetrate profitable markets in other countries and allow the free flow of music formats such as CDs and MP3s from one location to another (Dolfsman 2000). 2.2. Economic One of the most significant developments in the global music industry is the rise of the former developing economies like China, India, and other Latin American countries. It should be noted that the rapid growth in these nations are strongly indicated by the rise in gross domestic product and per capita income. Currently, China is the fastest growing economy in the world, posting a GDP growth rate of 10.7% during 2006 (GDP Growth 2007). With this rapid growth, the Chinese economy is eyed by various business organisations as a profitable business venue. Economic growth also signals higher disposable income for customers which can further trigger and enhance spending in the consumer sector. 2.3. Social The internet technology has been warmly embraced by customers around the world. According to the latest data from, worldwide internet penetration is at 16% as of January 11, 2007. Asia accounts for the largest portion of this population with the large share increase from China. Usage growth has been escalating, posting a growth rate of 202.9% during the eight year period 2000-2007 (Internet Usage Statistics 2007). Similarly, the number of global mobile phone users is also in an uptrend. It is reported that the number of mobile phone subscribers have increased by 25% during 2004, 2005, and 2005. However, experts forecast that this trend in increments will slowly decelerate in 2007. According to iSuppli, mobile phone users will be growing at slower rates of 12.8% and 9.6% in 2007 and 2008,

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Contamination and Remediation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Contamination and Remediation - Essay Example Jackson and Lesage (1992) found that risks and threats to the environment and human health include corrosiveness, explosiveness, toxicity, combustibility and carcinogenicity. A site can also be called contaminated if an identified part of land has a higher identified contaminant in concentrations compared to the level of concentrations in a land that is non-contaminated. In the present era, site contamination has become a real issue as it produces various critical impacts regarding environment, water, human health, and economy of any specific country. Contamination of sites has become a problem due to increased redevelopment of agricultural and industrial land. Assessment of a contaminated site is usually done by using a five-staged approach. The five stages include preliminary site assessment, detailed site assessment, remedial action plan, remediation of the site, and validation of the remediation process. In preliminary site assessment, inspection of the site is conducted in collaboration with the site management staff including owner of the land. Site history review is done by the inspection team and some samples of soil of the suspected site are also taken by the team in order to prepare an initial report which comes in use if symptoms of site contamination are found in the results of the report. Then in the next stage, comprehensive and detailed assessment of the collected soil samples is done in order to know the extent of presence of hazardous substances in the soil. The results of the assessed samples indicate whether the site actually needs a remediation process or not. If the results are positive, the inspection team moves towar ds the third stage which is remedial action plan stage. In this stage, planning is done regarding the suitable remediation process by analyzing the site remediation strategies and actual contaminated area of the site. Human

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The Golden Ratio Essay Example for Free

The Golden Ratio Essay The Golden Ratio is a fascinating number which can be found almost everywhere –from nature to architecture to art. To 18 decimal places, it has a value of 1. 618033988749894848 but is usually shortened to 1. 618 much like ? is usually rounded off to 3. 1416 (Powis, n. d. ). Signified by the letter Phi (? ), the Golden Ratio can be simply defined as â€Å"to square it, you just add 1† (Knott, 2007). Written in mathematical equation, this definition becomes ? 2 = ? + 1. When the resulting quadratic equation ? 2- ? 1=0 is solved, there are two solutions: 1. 6180339887†¦ and -0. 6180339887†¦. Notice that the two solutions have identical decimal parts. The positive number is the one considered to be the Golden Ratio. Another definition for ? is â€Å"the number which when you take away one becomes the value of its reciprocal† (Powis, n. d. ). Notice that the value of the reciprocal of 1. 618 (1/1. 618) is 0. 618 which is just one less than the Golden Ratio. The Origins of the Golden Ratio Euclid of Alexandria (ca. 300 BC) in the Elements, defines a proportion derived from the division of a line into segments (Livio, 2002). His definition is as follows: A straight line is said to have been cut in extreme and mean ratio when, as the whole line is to the greater segment, so is the greater to the lesser. In order to be more understandable, let’s take Figure 1 as an example. In the diagram, point C divides the line in such a way that the ratio of AC to CB is equal to the ratio of AB to AC (Livio, 2002). When this happens, the ratio can be calculated as 1. 618. This is the one of the first ever documented definitions of the Golden Ratio although Euclid did not call it such at that time. A C B Figure 1. Point C divides line segment AB according to the Golden Ratio The Golden Ratio 3 The Golden Ratio in Art and Architecture Throughout history, the Golden Ratio, when used in architecture, has been found to be the most pleasing to the eye (Blacker, Polanski Schwach, n. d. ). Rectangles whose ratio of its length and width equal the Golden Ratio are called golden rectangles. The exterior dimensions of the Parthenon in Athens, sculpted by Phidias, form a perfect golden rectangle. Phidias also used the Golden Ratio extensively in his other works of sculpture. The Egyptians, who lived before Phidias, were believed to have used the ? in the design and construction of the Pyramids (Blacker, Polanski Schwach, n. d. ). This belief however has both supporters and critics. Theories that support or reject the idea of the Golden Ratio being used in the construction of the Pyramids do exist it is up to the reader to decide which ones are more reasonable (Knott, 2007). Many books also claim that the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci used the Golden Ratio in painting the Mona Lisa (Livio, 2002). These books state that if you draw a rectangle around the face of Mona Lisa, the ratio of the height to the width of the rectangle is equal to the Golden Ratio. There has been no documented evidence that points to da Vinci’s conscious use of the Golden Ratio but what cannot be denied is that Leonardo is a close personal friend of Luca Paciolo, who wrote extensively about the Golden Ratio. Unlike da Vinci, the surrealist painter Salvador Dali deliberately used the Golden Ratio in his painting Sacrament of the Last Supper. The ratio of the dimensions of his painting is equal to ? (Livio, 2002). The Golden Ratio in Nature The Golden Ratio can also be found in nature. One of the most common examples is snail shells. If you draw a rectangle with proportions according to the Golden Ratio then consequently draw smaller golden rectangles within it, and then join the diagonal corners The Golden Ratio 4 with an arc, the result is a perfect snail shell (Singh, 2002). There have also been ongoing debates and conflicting research results regarding the relationship of beauty and  in humans. Some argue that human faces whose dimensions follow the Golden Ratio are more physically attractive than those who don’t (Livio, 2002). With conflicting results aside, the existence of the Golden Ratio just shows that beauty (whether in art, architecture or in nature) can be linked to mathematics. The Golden Ratio 5 References Blacker, S. , Polanski, J. and Schwach, M. (n. d. ). The golden ratio. Retrieved October 8, 2007 from http://www. geom. uiuc. edu/~demo5337/s97b/. Knott, R. (2007). The golden section ratio: Phi. Retrieved October 8, 2007 from http://www. mcs. surrey. ac. uk/Personal/R. Knott/Fibonacci/phi. html. Livio, M. (2002). The golden ratio and aesthetics. Plus Magazine. Retrieved October 8, 2007 from http://plus. maths. org/issue22/features/golden/index. html. Powis, A. (n. d). The golden ratio. Retrieved October 8, 2007 from http://people. bath. ac. uk/ajp24/goldenratio. html. Singh, S. (2002 March). The golden ratio. BBC Radio. Retrieved October 8, 2007 from http://www. bbc. co. uk/radio4/science/5numbers3. shtml.

Public Education Essay Example for Free

Public Education Essay Public education has been an important part of our country throughout history. After the Declaration of Independence, fourteen states had their own constitutions by 1791. Seven of those states had specific provisions regarding education. Thomas Jefferson was one of the first American leaders to suggest a public school system. He believed that education should be under the control of the government, available to all people regardless of their status in society, and free from religious biases. Before the 1840s, the education system was only available to the wealthy. However, many reformers wanted all children in the United States to receive the benefits of education. Two reformers, Horace Mann and Henry Barnard created the Common School Journal, which was a newspaper that brought the issue of education out into the public. Because of their efforts, free public education at the elementary level was available for children by the end of the 19th century. Throughout the 1900s, many schools were created due to increased demand for skilled workers. As the 20th century progressed, many states began to enact legislation requiring people to go to school, and enrollment soared. That is how our public education system got to where it is today. There are still many issues regarding our public education system, such as some areas teaching better than others, and some classrooms having better materials than others. Local and Federal governments have always been involved in schools, making sure that they teach to their full potential. There are many congressional bills that have been passed, and many that are fighting to be passed. A very important bill that is out there today is the Student Bill of Rights, or H. R. 1295. The Student Bill of Rights is a congressional bill regarding education. It was introduced on March 31st, 2011. It is sponsored by congressman Chaka Fattah. The Student Bill of Rights basically makes sure that schools are providing their students with a proper education. It especially helps the disadvantaged students. Disadvantaged means the students who are falling behind in academics, as well as the handicapped. It allows the secretary of education to annually determine whether each states public school system provides all its students with the educational resources they need to succeed academically and in life. The main idea of this bill is that it requires all education to enable students to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for responsible citizenship, meet challenging academic achievement standards, and compete and succeed in a global economy. It does this by requiring each educational system to satisfy certain criteria. One of the criteria is that the schools must satisfy certain Opportunity To Learn (OTL) indicators for all its schools, including effective teachers and resources. Opportunity To Learn indicators are strategies introduced several decades ago, and they are defined by a narrow set of instructions. Many educators and policy makers use the Opportunity to Learn concept, ensuring that all students receive an equal education, especially or disadvantaged and minority students. It helps schools, especially poor ones, educate all their students, and it makes the schools that are worse off a priority. Another criteria is that it provides educational services in local educational agencies (LEAs) that receive funds for disadvantaged students. There are local educational agencies that receive funds from the government and some that do not. Generally speaking, the ones that do not receive funds usually have a better educational program, because that educational agency has more money. This criteria makes sure that the educational services given to funded local educational agencies are equivalent to the educational services given to local educational agencies that do not receive funds from the government. This means that the schools that are better off will not get as much help as the schools that actually need help. This will make sure that the education that both these local educational agencies provide is similar. The final criteria is that it requires each educational system to comply with any final state or federal court order in any matter concerning the effectiveness or adequacy of the system. That means that the government will have the final say. So if a school feels that it is providing adequate education and the state feels that it does not, then the school will have to submit to the state and comply. This will make sure that all schools live up to the state and federal standards, ensuring that all students receive similar education. The Student Bill of Rights also allows students or  parents who are aggrieved by violations of this Act to bring civil actions for enforcement in federal district courts. That means that if students or parents feel that the educational system under the Student Bill of Rights does not meet those criteria and are violating the bill, then they are allowed to take this to court to ensure that the bill is not violated. The Student Bill of Rights also allows the federal government to withhold portions of an educational systems funding for administrative expenses. The criteria for this to happen is if the school fails to meet a yearly goal. Another criteria is if the school does not remedy a failure to provide educational services that are comparable to the services that other schools offer for disadvantaged students, after two years. This means that if there are violations and those violations are not fixed within two years, then the school will have funds withheld from them. The last criteria is if the school does comply with a court order. There are many pros and cons of this bill, but the pros will definitely outweigh the cons. There are two goals of every school, and that is to produce workers and create citizens. A pro of this bill is that it will make sure that schools are able to do this. It will make sure that schools are able to create a pool of workers with at least minimum competence and attitudes from which businesses can select employees from. This bill will help the disadvantaged learn many skills that are necessary to succeed in the working world. Those basic skills should be achieved by all students, as they are needed in most jobs. This will also increase the number of students meeting competence in basic skills, thereby increasing the pool of workers from which employers can select from. More students will have the opportunity to enter the work force, and the better ones will be selected, providing businesses with better workers. Keep in mind that opportunity doesnt mean that the students will get a job, it just means that they will have a chance to get it. That leads to another pro, which is competition for jobs. The competition for jobs allows businesses to get better workers and keep their wages lower, decreasing costs and increasing profits. However, this means that it may be harder for others to find jobs due to the competition. With more available workers in the workforce, there will be fewer available openings for jobs. So this bill actually helps the employers more than the workers, but it is still beneficial for all students. This bill will help schools create citizens because it will educate and teach many students the skills necessary to become productive citizens in our society. It helps students achieve personal excellence. It will nurture students to become adults who have the skills, attitudes, and knowledge to become productive community members, leaders, parents, and workers. It can help students identify their interests and abilities, help set goals for them, teach them responsibility and decision making, teach them how to work as a group, and make sure that every student reaches his or her full potential. This bill is fairly new. It was referred to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, and it has yet to pass. There hasnt been much action on this bill. This bill would be very effective if passed because it will help many students, mainly disadvantaged ones, achieve their full potential. Congress, the White House, and the U.S Supreme Court hasnt done much for this bill, nor have non-profit or non-governmental organizations. However, if this bill is passed, the potential outcomes will be great. There will be many students that succeed as citizens and workers. The standard for learning will go up, and students will be more knowledgeable overall. Eventually, our society will become much more smarter in the future, raising the standard of living for all Americans. Our brains should be considered the most important part of our bodies, because if we all train our brains, the possibilities are endless!

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Walmart Success In Mexico Canada And China Marketing Essay

Walmart Success In Mexico Canada And China Marketing Essay Global expansion has been gaining a lot of attention from all businesses that planned to expand abroad. Important factors that needs to be considered in the decision making process will be business strategies, entry modes, and threats and opportunities available in the markets. Appropriate strategies used will also help to minimize the risk of failure in the international markets. When a firm makes the right choice of business strategies and entry modes, the firm will then be able to succeed in the market and do well in the market as well. The choice of entry modes and business strategies will influence the future of the retailer in the targeted markets as well. Therefore, retailers who wish to go global should use the most suitable approaches to enter their targeted markets to ensure success to their business. Keywords: global expansion, business strategies, entry modes, threats, opportunities, Walmart Introduction Many researches had been done to study more about internalization of the retail industry and the majority of researches done are mainly used to describe the motivations and scales for international expansion by retailers (Akehurst Alexander, 1995; Williams, 1992). Besides that, many models of internalization explained the sequence of foreign expansion that shows that the companies who go international will do better in foreign markets that are similar to their domestic markets. This is why Walmart chose to enter the markets of Canada and Mexico (Johanson Vahlne, 1977). There are several reasons why international retailing had been a popular issue. Retailers who take the step to go into the international market is mainly because the domestic markets is saturated, needs for larger diverse investments, economic pressures and many external and internal forces that leads retailers to enter new markets and it is important for the retailer to choose the right market entry strategy into th e international markets (Sternquist, 2007). There are several researches done with a conclusion that retailers can minimize the risk of entry strategies by choosing the markets which are similar to the domestic market from the aspects of cultural, geographical and growth potentials. (Barkema Vermeulen, 1998; Welch Welch, 1996). Walmart is established in 1962, by Sam Walton. Walmart got its name from the family name Walton, giving Walmart the meaning of Waltons mart in long. Walmart is a strong company and it managed to survive in the 2008 recession hit in United States. Walmart had been growing fast throughout the years and the sales and market growth were increasing every year. For a fast growing retailer like Walmart, it is important to have use the best entry modes to enter a new market (Fred, 2011). Global expansion Global retail expansion has attracted many businesspersons, especially big sized companies which wish to increase their businesss profits and market share. Global expansion not only attracts large organizations but also small to medium-sized companies, some companies who are new to international expansion as well, and those who are in more mature organizations. The success achieved by newer specialty retailers in the international market, for example, Zara (Spain), HM (Sweden), and Shanghai Tang (Hong Kong) have motivated and created the way for other organizations to follow. However, there is also numerous numbers of well-known retailers who have failed in their expansion in certain global markets which is caused by several reasons, such as regulatory, legal and cultural challenges, competition, and trying to change shopping behavior (Cox, 2011). Besides that, retailers who made the decision to operate only in neighboring markets, as well as it is located geographically close to the ir home markets, will expect to face a lower level of such risks (Burt, 1993; Davis, Desai, Francis, 2000; Hollander, 1970: Knee, 1993; Robinson Clarke-Hill, 1990). Numerous top managers are also becoming more cautious on the problem of maintaining a common identity and culture in the process of trying to build up global enterprises (Joshua Chi, 2007). Moreover, it is very tough for businesses to make their decisions on choosing the most appropriate markets for their business development because there is no accurate and reliable information provided to the businesses. Domestic players in the markets will only portray the potentials side of the markets and hide the disadvantages just to attract businesses into the market (Jackson, Houdard, Highfield, 2008). Comparison of business strategies used by Walmart in Mexico, Canada and China There are different business strategies used by Walmart in Mexico, Canada and China. In Mexico, Walmart acquired Central American Retail Holding Co. who was struggling with accounting issues in 2006. After the acquisition, Walmart renamed the business with Walmart Centroamà ©rica. Central American Retail Holding Co. was previously the largest retailer in Central America. Walmart took the step where they re-launched the whole chain of retail stores under the Central American Retail Holding Co. with wider product assortments, and lower pricing strategy. The reason why they does this is because low pricing strategy is the basic strategy to expand Walmarts philosophy, Every Day Low Price to all part of the world (Basic Strategy: Be More Walmart!, 2011). Walmarts main strategy in Mexico is the multi-format strategy where through this strategy; Walmart can serve different groups of consumers at the same time being able to fulfill all the various needs of these groups of people. Bodega Aur rera in Mexico is the companys fastest growing format. There are three versions of this store. Bodega Aurrera Express stores are designed as very small outlets to serve urban areas such as Mexico City and Monterrey. Mi Bodega Aurrera is designed to serve rural towns and these stores created a great achievement for Walmart (Multiple Formats Equal Flexibility, 2011). In Canada, Walmart Canada is creating a new home branding effort that place the Better Homes Gardens license as the core for both hard and soft home categories (Wal-Mart International Improves Game, 2007). Every products offered has clear and obvious differences from any other products in the market and this will leave a strong image in the customers minds that these products were originated from Walmarts fashion and value chain (Wal-Mart International Improves Game, 2007). Besides that, Walmart Canada is implementing the use of Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) which involves 20 stores and about 12 of their suppliers. This implementation was influenced by the parent country in United States where this system will help eliminate inventories out of stock. The implementation was an important step in the United States and it is important to Walmart Canada as well. Walmart Canada will focus on the use of this technology to improve their supply chain as well as customer se rvices. Equipped stores will be able to use the system to track tagged items in the stores and they can take necessary actions if anything happens. The system is a very important goal to be achieved by Walmart Canada because it can reduce errors occurred in manual restocking methods and the most important issue is that it can reduce over stock in the stores, and it can reduce unnecessary transportation caused which then leads to reduction in emissions of carbons (Mammarella, 2007). The success of Walmart can also be seen through its achievement in having a large grocery insert in its Canadian discount stores where the insert was called Grocery Shelf that provides a big return on capital at low risk (Orgel, 2005). In China, Walmart is targeting to be one of the national retail chains in the country with no interrelated national distribution system.  With this aim, it can be obvious that the rewards are huge, if Walmart is able to succeed. Besides that, the mainland retail market are estimated to be worth US$750 billion by 2008 and this will be a supporting point for Walmart to succeed.  The only thing Walmart need to be worried about is the distribution system.  This is because; the company has given in to unionization demands from the state-run, All-China Federation of Trade Unions, where it shows an important climb down from Walmarts anti-union US point of view (Distribution critical to Wal-Mart China strategy, 2006). However, Walmart will not be influenced. The marketing strategies used by Walmart for BRIC and other developing countries will still involve great huge discounts and great values on all of their products like how they do it in their home country, maintaining low prices ev ery day to all their customers, especially middle-class customers, on the same time, maintaining the growth of their profits as well. According to JPMorgan and analyst Charles Grom, Walmarts main objective for future success is not to overdo Target in the United States. They also said that, Walmart will start to work on more interrelated marketing strategies and merchandising messages to serve their low end customer as well, instead on just focusing on middle-class customers and this could implied to the BRIC countries Walmarts expansions as well (Frazier, 2007). Besides that, Walmart in China had a great success in using cost leadership and this strategy had generated huge revenues for Walmart in China. Therefore, Walmart planned to continue with the cost leadership strategy, as well as implementing a new strategy, that is differentiation (George, 2007). Comparison of entry modes Another reason for retailers to expand into the global markets is because the market in their home country is highly saturated and this created a more competitive market. Therefore, multinational retailers will choose to expand into markets which are less saturated than their home markets. For example, Sears, Kmart and Walmarts most successful expansion is to expand to Mexico and Canada, which is categorized in the North America region. How do multinational retailers choose their entry mode to the selected markets? Multinational retailers that are expanding to markets which are culturally diversified will choose to have a local joint venture with local retailers in the country to help them learn more about the country (Sternquist, 2007). Walmart in Mexico penetrated the market with a joint venture with its local player, CIFRA. CIFRA is the largest retailer in Mexico and Walmart is the largest retailer in the USA. With this reason, Walmarts decision to have a joint venture with CIFRA will definitely be a success because CIFRA will help Walmart have better knowledge on Mexican markets. In Mexico, CIFRA supplied Walmart will supplier connections, knowledge about the local culture as well as helping Walmart to work with local authorities. This will ensure successful expansion of Walmarts power in the Mexican markets, and Walmart can have the greatest influence in the shortest time period. In return of CIFRAs help, Walmart transfers their logistics knowledge to CIFRA which will also help CIFRA to improve on their supply chain management. (Sternquist, 1997). Under Walmarts agreement with CIFRA, Walmart opened membership warehouse clubs, known as Club Aurrera, which does catering to small businesses and selected groups of c onsumers. The first Club Aurrera was opened in Mexico City in December 1991. (Global Push Begins in Mexico, 2012). Besides that, CIFRA and Walmart also announced another two joint ventures, the first one is to start up a wholesale discount Aurrera stores, and the second one is to start up an import-export company that will provide CIFRAs Mexican suppliers to have access to other Walmart outlets in the United States (Millman, 1991). Walmart entered the Canadian markets through the entry mode acquisition. In 1994, Walmart announced its entry into Canada with the purchase of 120 out of 142 Woolco discount stores which are located on the north of the border from the Woolworth Corporation. In 1993, the Woolco stores had total sales of $1.14 billion (Woolco Purchase Yields Entry Into Canada, 2012). Walmart had avoided a time-consuming problem, which are faced by other American retailers who entered the Canadian market, which is to build up stores. Walmart had save their time because they took the step to buy the established stores of Woolco, where most of it had floor space of 100,000 square feet or more. Walmart had also benefited from the making choices for strategic and attractive leases (Woolco Purchase Yields Entry Into Canada, 2012). In 2011, Walmart Canada announced that it had also completed another acquisition from Target Canada with a total of 39 store locations which is currently occupied by Zellers (Canad a Newswire, 2011). Most multinational enterprises had the same thought that entering China is not an option for their business to expand, but it is a strategic necessity for the future of their business. The economy in China is growing rapidly that supports the living of the whole population in China, which is 1.3 billion. China is believed to be a country which has economic superpower and it is a very huge market in the 21st century (Schlevogt, 2000a, 2000b). On the other hand, Walmart is facing slow growth in the United States, and with these available attractive reasons, Walmart aimed to be the top in the retail sector in China with its acquisition of Trust-Mart (Naughton, Schafer, Ansfield, Lin, 2006). Other than using the acquisition strategy, Walmart also used the offshore sourcing strategy. Walmart sees that China is a major production or assembly source country and Walmart needed the help of China for the production and assemble of their products in the United States. Walmart then took the off shore sourcing strategy. Today, Walmart is the single largest export channel from Chinese manufacturers to the United States, with a record of at least 4% in Chinas overseas sales (Goldstein, 2003). Interestingly, Walmart does not have any manufacturing plants in China and it does not have a direct control over the production process of its suppliers in China. Instead, the suppliers are those who take control and responsibility to meet certain levels of requirements, for example cost, quality and delivery (Shih, 2004). With this strategy, Walmart can hold to their Everyday Low Price philosophy. This is because; Walmart can keep their production cost low, at the same time gaining the maximum benefits. Walmart also utilizes its strong bargaining position, at the same time maintaining a high level of ownership. This can be seen in their selling strategy, where Walmart buys the products at a cheaper price from China, and reselling them at a higher price in the United States and other pa rts of the world, at the same time gaining the profits and achieving their aim in providing the lowest prices. In other words, Walmart maintains a high level of ownership control but its management control is low (Goldstein, 2003). Comparison of opportunities and threats Threat and opportunity are two terms which are often used in terms strategic management in businesses (Mintzberg, Raisinghini, Theoret, 1976; Nutt, 1984). These categories are often used to make strategic decisions and it had become a necessity for firms to use these two terms to evaluate their selected markets. The results and issues obtained from environmental analysis are categorized as threats and opportunities faced by the business (Christensen, Andrews, Bower, Hamermesh, Porter, 1982). Opportunities Mexico In 2007, Walmart de Mexico had made a huge investment of $1 billion dollars for new developments and they opened 136 new units from all its existing business formats. This development includes opening of new units of 57 Bodega Aurrera units, 16 Walmart Supercenters, 6 Sams Clubs, 4 Superamas, 15 Suburbia stores and 38 Vips and El Porton Restaurants. The new stores opened spreads on two categories, the existing cities and new cities. The expansion in new cities can increase the firms coverage of new customers, and as for the existing cities, Walmart will have the advantage to dominate the market more widely. Besides that, the expansion of new stores will help boost the amount of new customer, as well as result in greater sales (DATAMONITOR: Wal-Mart de Mexico., 2008). The consumers today have changing preferences on choices of places to buy groceries and other daily products. customer now no longer prefer traditional retail, and they now prefer larger and more standardized hypermarket and supermarket chains, and the most important is the stores can offer lower and more attractive prices, as well as providing the convenience to the customers. In Mexico, the market share of modern formats of stores had increased almost 50% as compared from year 2005-2010. The change in the customers preferences will create an opportunity for Wal-Mart to expand its chains to more cities in Mexico (DATAMONITOR: Wal-Mart de Mexico., 2008). China Walmart Stores had signed an agreement to acquire a little stake of, Chinas largest online retailer. If the acquisition is successful, Walmart will have the chance to expand their business to the world of online shopping market, which will then generate more revenue. However, Chinas anti-monopoly bureau considers the acquisition might create an effect that exclude or restrict the competition of value-added telecommunications services market segments in China (China approves Wal-Mart control of Yihaodian., 2012). Apart from Walmart having control of services of, can also take the advantage of using Walmarts supplier and logistics resources to increase their stock-keeping unit by tracking the inventories closely using the system (Mass Grocery Retail., 2012). Another opportunity available for Walmart is the concept of discount store formats. Walmart can take the first step to start a discount store format expansion before other retailers do because the discount store format is now an attractive option for retailers in China. Walmart is the biggest retailer in China because of the acquisition of Trust-Marts 100-outlet-strong hypermarket network. Therefore, Walmart has the opportunity to expand in China, by launching a new discount compact hypermarket format formed under Trust-Mart in China (Mass Grocery Retail., 2012). Canada Walmart in Canada can expand its chain to the food retailing sector in Canada, since Target will be a competitor of Walmart in Canada. Walmart will have the competitive advantage over Target if they were to get involved in the food retailing industry because Target may be limited in food retailing (Orgel, 2011). Walmart Canada had announced the retailers planning of opening three supercenters in Quà ©bec. Walmart also ensures the quality of products they offer in the new store to gain customers confidence (Canada, 2011). Besides that, Walmarts low price strategy had given Walmart a great opportunity compared to other retailers in Canada, and this will ensure that Walmarts path in Canada will be stable (Swain, 1994). Another opportunity for Walmart in Canada is their decision to bring their warehouse club, Sams Club into Canada and this will help Wal-Mart by gaining increasing popularity in the market (Robin, 2003). Threats Mexico In February 2006, Mexicos retail association Asociacion Nacional de Tiendas de Autoservicio y Departamentales (ANTAD) sent many requests to the Congress to approved the proposals to upgrade the anti-monopoly laws to an international standards. This will affect Walmart de Mexico, because, if the laws are being approved, Walmart de Mexico will lose its advantage of its better technology and larger size as compared to other smaller retailers, to offer the lowest prices in the market. Walmart Stores is also facing this problem in the companys parent country in United States because, Walmart is a big retailer, and they are offering low prices and this will affect smaller retailers to quit from the industry. In this case, Walmart de Mexicos expansion plans in Mexico will be affected by the laws and regulations in Mexico (DATAMONITOR: Wal-Mart de Mexico., 2008). Other than that, another main issue that Walmart Mexico faces is opposition towards their expansion in Mexico, mainly from the government and local retailer. A slow growing economy will cause a lower purchasing power in a country. The economy in Mexico is an important threat to Walmart because the slow growth in the Mexican economy will affect the consumer spending and it will affect Walmarts growth in Mexico (DATAMONITOR: Wal-Mart de Mexico., 2008). Besides that, the intense competition in Mexico will also be a threat for Walmart. In Mexico, Walmart is also facing a strong competition from Mexican supermarket chains because the retail industry in Mexico is saturated. Some examples of Walmarts strong international and domestic competitors are Organizacion Soriana, Controladora, Chedraui, and Gigante. These retailers are having an intense competition with Walmart. The increasing competition from these retailers might affect Walmart de Mexico, especially in terms of profitability (DATA MONITOR: Wal-Mart de Mexico., 2008). China Walmart plans to expand bigger in China and the company had planned to open another ten stores throughout the urban areas. However, the effort faced some challenges, mainly from the government of China. Chinas state-controlled All-China Federation of Trade Union (ACFTU) had planned to take the action to sue Walmart as well as other non-Chinese companies if these companies do not have union branches in their Chinese operations. The main problem in this issue is, Walmart is well-known for their anti-union stance. In order for them to survive in the market, Walmart had agreed to respect the choice of their employees in China who wants to set up a union. This action may benefit China, but Walmart will have restrictions handling employee benefits and limited ways in resolving grievances. Even though there were many problems faced, as a multinational retailer, it is a must for Walmart to adapt to the specific markets they are operating in (Wal-Mart: in union with China, 2005). Canada Walmart Canadas largest threat will be the acquisition of Zellers Inc. by Target Corporation. The entry of Target Corporation will be another add-on to the intense competition of retailers in Canada. In the acquisition, Target took over 220 stores under Zellers, and this could impact Walmart as a big retailer because Target is growing fast after the acquisition (Orgel, 2011). The retail industry in Canada is very intense and saturated and the retail market is full of strong grocers and this will be a threat for Walmart because there will be more competition and this will slow down and eventually reduce Walmarts sales in Canada (Dunn, 2006). Besides that, Walmart also faces Canadas regulatory threats where Walmart needs to face the legal challenges from Saint-Hyacinthe certification (Springer, 2005). Besides that, Walmart is trying to introduce organic food in the country as well, and this will be a threat to Walmart because Walmart does not have a proper marketing strategy to market the product in their stores in Canada because there are other small-sized organic food suppliers which can offer a lower price (Goodbaum, 2006). Discussion Walmart is indeed a good example of a successful retailer that successfully expands and survives in the international markets. This also proves that there is the potential for retailers in domestic markets to expand their business into the international market with the condition that they use the appropriate marketing strategies and entry modes to penetrate the market. However, Walmart should also have sufficient information on the markets so that they can adapt into the market with lesser barriers. Walmart had been a successful retailer in the United States and today, and they are still growing across the world, mainly in United States, Canada and Mexico. Walmart also uses different types of marketing strategies and entry modes to dominate the markets, and this gives the large retailer a huge competitive advantage over other retailers in the market because, Walmarts philosophy, Every Day Low Price had been successfully applied throughout the world where this philosophy had helped Wa lmart greatly in surviving in different markets on the same time providing Walmart with a bright future. Walmart choices of strategies in the Mexican, Canadian and China markets also portray the firms success in adapting into the country. Walmart in Mexico used the multi format strategy to set up different types of stores to satisfy majority needs and demands of the markets, and this helped Walmart in achieving a greater amount of concentration of customers. The Bodega Aurrera store chains are proves the firms intelligence in dominating the market. These stores have different concepts such as discount stores and convenience stores that will serve different types of customers in different areas in Mexico. Secondly, in Canada, Walmart uses the retail format development strategy to approach the market. Walmart in Canda extend their offerings into the home furniture sector where these furnitures can only be found in Walmart. This will create brand awareness and brand loyalty towards Walmart in the customers. Besides that, Walmart also made full use of their satellite communication system to frequently check on the inventories in Walmart stores to decrease shortage in supply. In Canada, Walmart also have discount stores where these stores can generate high profits with low risks in the country. Thirdly, Walmart in China had achieved a huge success by using the cost leadership strategy in the country to attract more people. This is because, the population and economy in China is growing, and Walmart can have large sales volumes, with lower price, to achieve high sales records to maintain their sustainability. Other than these successes, Walmart had also used the appropriate entry modes to enter the markets. In Mexico, Walmart uses the joint venture mode with Mexicos largest retailer, CIFRA. This joint venture had benefited Walmart in the sense that, CIFRA can provide the firm with information on the markets in Mexico, and Walmart can save their time on the process of understanding the markets. This will give Walmart the advantage to grow faster in the market. The strategy used by Walmart in Canada is the acquisition mode, where the firm took over the operations of Woolco, a weak retailer in the Canadian markets. With this acquisition, Walmart does not need to worry on the locations of their stores, because the Woolco buildings were available, since the firm had took over them. In China, Walmart use the offshore sourcing strategy together with the acquisition strategy where Walmart can reduce their cost to find new locations, as well as reducing their production costs because production co sts in China is lower compared to the United States. From the different choices of entry modes that Walmart chose, all of the strategies are working well in different markets, where these strategies helped Walmart to have a strong base in the markets. Walmart have the potential in growing in the spread of their retail stores to outside their region. With the strong market base that Walmart is standing on, it will not be a major problem if Walmart were to expand into other regions in the world. However, Walmart needs to take care of the regulations of the countries they are penetrating, as well as the intensity of the competition in the markets. Conclusion Walmarts decision to expand globally had made a huge success to the firm and this can be seen in Walmarts domination in the markets. Walmarts success had been a glorious story in the business world for being able to sustain their businesses not only domestically, but also in the global context. The business strategies and entry modes used were wisely chosen and it ensures long term profitability to the firm. Even though there are challenges faced in the respective markets they penetrated successfully, Walmart still have outstanding performances in overtaking their competitors in the retail industry. Besides that, Walmart also have very strong strategic management skills because, Walmart choose their locations and targets countries carefully where this leads to the route of success for Walmart as well. Walmart success can also be credited to their efforts in satisfying their customers from all classes. Walmart offers a wide range of products where it covers all varieties of products, from the highest price to the lowest price which is still the lowest retail price in the retail industry. With this point, Walmart will have loyal customers that will make repeated purchases in the stores. Another notable success of Walmart is, the firm is able to survive even in the toughest period of the economy, during recession. Not all businesses can survive in the recession period, because during recession, the cycle of business processes will contract, which will result in slow business growth and there will be unemployment all around. Yet, Walmart still can survive and continue its business operations during the recession period. With only this point, Walmart is considered the most successful retailer in the retail industry for being able survive no matter what environment they are in.

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Mononucleosis Essay -- Medical Disease Health Herpes Biology Essays

Mononucleosis Mononucleosis is a disease caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), which is a member of the herpes family. The herpes family also includes viruses that cause cold sores, chicken pox, genital herpes, and birth defects (7). Mono, short for mononucleosis (3) "gets its name from the fact that it causes a person's white blood cells to become distorted, so that they have only one nucleus (becoming mononuclear) instead of the usual divided nucleus.'; (3) The first accounts of mono are credited to Filatov and Pfeiffer who around the end of the nineteenth century described and illness known as Drusenfieber or glandular fever which occurred in family outbreaks. However, the establishment of mono is given to Sprunt and Evans. In 1921 they pointed out the mononuclear lymphocytosis that was present in each patient they treated. Two years later, Downey and McKinaly provided more details of the lymphocytes as a marker that led to the disease. (6) The idea of EBV being connected to mono came about in 1958 by Burkitt. There were some cases in Africa of young children having tumors in their jaw and dying even when the tumor was removed. He later found out that the patients were coming from areas highly infested with mosquitoes, so they figured that the mosquitoes were related. The mosquitoes were carrying a virus in the herpes family, which was later called Epstein-Barr virus. This virus was later revealed to be linked with mono. (6) Anyone can get mono but it is most common in teens and young adults, mostly high school and college students. Children who are infected with EBV when they are really young are able to manufacture antibodies against the virus. If a person's body does not have EBV already they will most likely contract the virus later in their life and be able to build these antibodies. Only a small amount of teens and young adults actually get mono because they have already been exposed to EBV at a younger age. (7) Mono usually occurs in females between the ages of 15 to 16 years, and males between the ages of 18 to 23 years (4). People call it the "kissing disease'; due to the fact that it is spread through close contact and saliva (2). Drinking after someone, or eating after him or her can also contract mono (2). In the United States more than 100,000 cases of mono are diagnosed each year (7). At colleges 300 to 1500 out of 100,00... ... ways to treat it without leading to death. Works Cited 1. Beers, MD Mark H., and Robert Berkow, MD, ed. The Merck Manual Of Diagnosis and Therapy, 17th ed. Whitehouse Station, New Jersey: Merck Research Laboratories, 1999. 2. Cassidy, Jo. "What's in a Name? Mononucleosis.'; Current Health 17: 9 (1990): 14-15. 3. Dinamoor, Robert S. "When Mono Attacks Take It Lying Down.'; Current Health 20: 9 (1993): 30-31. 4. Dreher, Nancy. "What You Need To Know about Mono.'; Current Health 23: 3 (1997): 28-29. 5. Kaye, Kenneth M., and Elliot Kieff. "Epstein-Barr Virus Infection and Infectious Mononucleosis.'; Infectious Diseases, 2nd ed. Ed. John G. Barlett, MD, Neil R. Blacklow, MD, and Sherwood L. Gorback, MD. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders Company, 1998. 1646-1650. 6. Schooley, Robert T. "Epstein-Barr Virus (Infectious Mononucleosis).'; Ed. John E. Bennett, MD, Raphael Dolin, MD, and Gerald L. Mandell, MD. Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases, 4th ed. New York: Churchill Livingstone, 1995. 1364-1373. 7. Silverstein, Alvin, Virginia Silverstein, and Robert Silverstein. Mononucleosis. Hillside, New Jersey: Enslow Publishers, Inc., 1994.

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Double Lives in Victorian Literature Essay -- Literary Analysis

The existence of a â€Å"dark double† abounds in many literary works of the Victorian Era. These â€Å"dark doubles† are able to explore the forbidden and repressed desires of the protagonist, and often represent the authors own rebellion against inhibitions in a morally straight-laced societal climate. The â€Å"dark doubles† in these stories are able to explore the socially unacceptable side of human nature, and it is through these â€Å"dark doubles† that many of the main characters (and through them, the reader), are able to vicariously explore and experience the illicit, forbidden, and often exciting underbelly of what was considered deviant behavior. The accepted â€Å"normal† behavior that strict Victorian social protocol demanded could be cast aside by these â€Å"dark doubles† and the â€Å"immoral† desires of the human heart could be explored in the safety of ones sitting room. In Oscar Wilde's play, â€Å"The Importance of Being Ernest,† we see a satirical prodding of the hypocrisy associated within the strict moral code of English â€Å"genteel† society. The play's protagonist, Jack, creates his own â€Å"dark double†, his supposed carefree, immoral, and decadent brother, Ernest. It is through his own creation of Ernest that Jack is able to lead his entertaining double life. While portraying himself as Ernest, we see Jack pursue all of the things that he is incapable of exploring in his own stuffy Victorian world as Jack. While explaining his presence in town to Algy, Ernest states, â€Å"Oh, pleasure, pleasure! What else should bring one anywhere?† (690). Ernest goes on to explain to Algy what occupies his time this way, â€Å"When one is in town one amuses oneself. When one is in the country one amuses other p... ...clear through the literature of the time, that individuals were beginning to question the necessity, both morally and socially, of either living a double life or having to repress their desire to do so. It is through these â€Å"dark doubles† that many authors were able to explore and expose the hidden truths within their character's personalities, and possibly themselves. By giving their character's the â€Å"masks† of these â€Å"dark doubles†, they were able to tale the truth. Works Cited   Kipling, Rudyard. "The Mark of the Beast." The Broadview Anthology of British Literature. Peterborough, Ont.: Broadview, 2006. Print. Stevenson, Robert Louis. New York: Simon & Brown, 2010. Print. Wilde, Oscar. "The Importance of Being Ernest." The Broadview Anthology of British Literature. Peterborough, Ont.: Broadview, 2006. Print.

Fertilizers :: essays research papers

Fertilizers are substances added to the soil sprayed on leaves of plants to help them grow better or in some cases faster. Plants need twenty essentail elements to help them grow. Plants make carbohydrates. A plant needs nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulfur, and magnesium the most to grow healthy. Most soils naturally contain enough trace elements for field crops, but such elements must be added when certain fruits and vegetable plants are grown. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the top three elements needed in plant growth. Legumes are plants which absorb nitrogen gas from the air and bring the gas to the ground. Legumes are planted over with other crops and those plants get the required amount of nitrogen and grow healthy.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  There are two kinds of fertilizers. There is organic and inorganic. Organic fertilizers are bonemeal, fishmeal, blood, and farmyard manuer. Inorganic manuer is Nitrogen, potassium or any other element necessary in the aid of plant growth. If one accidently digests inorganic fertilizer, he or she must see a doctor as soon as possible. One can get red eyes, itchiness, and or stomach problems.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  During World War 2, the government built many factories to absorb nitrogen gas from the air and to use them in explosives. Soon after the war, these factories were used to absorb nitrogen gas and to be used as a fertilizer. This method was inexpensive and farmers were now actually making a profit. By 1985, farmers used approximately eleven million tons of nitrogen a year. This is eight times more than what farmers used in 1950.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The most widely used fertilizer is pure ammonia. It is kept in liquid form under pressure in steel tanks. Three solid nitrogen fertilizers are ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, and ammonium phosphate. Two common phosphorus fertilizers are superphosphate and triple superphosphate. Phosphorous fertilizer is made by treating phosphate rock with sulfuric acid. Potassium sulfate and potassium nitrate are used on crops that are harmed by chlorides.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The term straight fertilizer stands for any material that supplies one of the three principal macronutrients. The three macronutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Mixed fertilizers are fertilizers that supply more than one macronutrient. This information is neccesary to one who is intrested in purchasing fertilizer. The fertilizer companies or manufacturers basically list every package or container with three numbers. For example a package that says 4-16-18, contains 4 percent nitrogen, 16 percent phosphoric oxide, and 18 percent potassium oxide.

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Evolution Secret of the Haute Couture World

In some normal people mind, they might not know what the word â€Å"Haute Couture† means because they are expensive, luxurious and exclusive. Haute Couture is actually strictly defined as â€Å"high sewing†, haute couture has evolved from the days when it was invented by the Chambre Syndicale de la Confection et de la couture pour Dames et fillettes which means trade-union room of clothes industry and the seam for ladies and young girls in 1868. (Deborah Bee, Couture in the 21th century, 2010:p7). It is about the tailoring- the creation of exclusive, handmade garments, after a series of fittings, to the highest possible standard. In the following parts, it is going to show the secrets, history of the Haute Couture world, the contemporary industry running operation secrets and the future prediction of this niche luxury market by research, interviews from the people buying the dress as well as the designers themselves. History and the start of haute couture Charles Frederick Worth (1826-95),the first â€Å"King of Couture†. His styles dominates European aristocratic society in the mid-19th century. Worth was a Paris-based couturier that turned dressmaking into an art form. He designed spectacular gowns famed for their boldly patterned silks, lavish ornament and the innovative use of fabrics. They became status symbols and fashionable clients from across the world flocked to his salon. â€Å"We have Charles Worth to thank for starting it all†, said John Galliano 2010 The system of haute couture evolved that stuck to certain rigid rules,set in place by the chamber Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne, founded in Paris in 1868. It became the routine for the head of a fashion house to select sketches from a bank of freelance designers. At a outure house’s seasonal presentation- Spring/Summer in Autumn/Winter in July which at least 50 outfits were shoen to an audience made up of customers and authorised buyers. The designs were then made up for the clients or sold as patterns, either in linen or paper. The visual look of the old couture This is the main structure of how the early couture looked like. The top part was called corsets and the bottom was called cage crinoline. Photos taken in V&A by myself With the bases underneath, spectacular garments can be produced. The left one was designed by Charles Worth in 1881, it was made by satin, embroidered with silk, chenille and beads, trimmed with machine lace. The right one was designed by Jean Patou (1880-1936) in 1932-4. It was make bu tulle embroidered with beads. *Photos taken in V&A by myself The Couture industry in the early age High fashion at the beginning of the 20th century was extravagant and luxurious, more and more designers were interested to step into the couture industry. The most significant couturiers well known until nowadays are Christian Dior, Chanel, Lanvin, YSL and Givenchy. Looking back to the 20s, the most shocking pre-WWI fashion statement came from Coco Chanel, with her sporty trend. Having established couture salons in Paris and the seaside resorts of Deauville and Biarritz, she created lightweight clothes with no linings, employed soft jersey for cardigans and sweaters. Chanel’s impact on couture cannot be underestimated as in 1920, she created a craze for wide-legged trousers and matelot tops. Christian Dior was doing the fitting with the client Talented couturier such as Christobal Balenciaga as the Spanish newspapers reported† women from all over the world cross frontiers to buy his creations during the war years. However, in 1947 the fashion world was presented with a revolution. The â€Å"new look† Dior’s created in his debut collection was starting point of a golden age of couture on the international fash ion scene. Tiny, corseted waists were accentuated with full, layered skirts and padding over the hips, while jackets and gowns were cut to draw attention to the decollete. Going onwards, Hubert de Givenchy opened up a couture house in 1952. What was so famous about Givenchy was he has a continue relationship with Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy turned her into a style icon and which made Givenchy determined many of the key trends in the 50s. After decades, the original designers kept passing out and made their first assistants such as Yves Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen and more continue the legacy of Couture. The Haute Couture World of the 21st Century. While the couture market moves to the new century, there are more mixed modern and other century’s elements have been used in a couture collection. What pathetic is the whole industry has been minimized from 106 in 1946 to only 12 in the latest Haute Couture fashion show of Spring/Summer 2011. Although some of the large brands which used to produce very extraordinary such as Lanvin and YSL have stopped to participate in recent seasons’ couture shows, the rest of them and some new brands are doing a great job. Nowadays, there are actually a private couture club members which only have 200 members in the world as the price of the gowns are too expensive which only the seriously rich women can afford the price. According to the video â€Å"The secret world of haute couture†, it claims that couture is the most expensive clothes for women to buy and one of the buyer said that â€Å"Couture are very light nowadays like the second skin which fit on body very perfectly†. Until now, Paris is still the head quarter of Haute Couture because most of the famous couture brands such as Chanel, Jean Paul Gautier and Christian Dior are located in Paris. Regarding the absolutely expensive price of the couture, why women still willing to pay US$400,000 to buy a dress? The ex-directrice in 1971-2002 of YSL, Baroness Helene de Ludighauser said it is because of the quality, the good reason of purchasing the lavish old couture is because the hand works are extraordinary. How the members and buyer purchase the couture? As to make the club members feel more exiting and looking forward to the couture show, the theme of every brand is the â€Å"top secret†. â€Å"Focus religion type of movement to create couture† said by Ralph Rucci, an American designer. By managing the front row of the sits, the PR of the company mentioned that it is actually a hard decision but as they do not need to promote their couture so most priority would give to those club members because they are the one going to purchase the couture so they have to respect them. After each fashion show, media and those buyers and club members would rush to the backstage in order to find a chance to talk to the designer or knowing someone as they might actually be the friends of the designers. Haute Couture are not selling in open stores but they will be ready in the stores next day after the show. The important procedure of buying the couture is to make an appointment, then the store assistants would help you on introducing the garments and to choose which looks better in specific occasions. There is an interesting fact that if the customer body size can fit with the original garment, the customer will have a 30% off discount while others need to measure the size of the bodies to make some changes to look best on customers. There is another club rule of selling couture which is there are no price tag on the garments. Moreover, the designers themselves seldom really communicate with the customer as John Galliano said â€Å"Part of the mystery of couture is by not too connecting with their customer. † (The secret world of haute couture,2009, youtube) Although the Haute Couture is really expensive, wealthy women would think it is the investment of art for whole life. Contemporary Couturiers brands Analysis. From the latest season of Haute Couture which is the Spring/Summer 2011, there are 12 couturiers in total which is Alexis Mabille, Bouchra Jarra, Chanel, Christian Dior, Giogio Armani Prive, Givenchy, House of Worth, Iris van Herpen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Elie Saab, Stephan Rollan and Valentino (Vogue). Frankly speaking some of them might not be so wearable first of all may be because of the concepts, the designs, the styles or even the colours. Betsy Bloomingdale’s husband has been once asked her to buy anything she wants for Christian Dior just because Betsy is a big fan of Christian Dior. Of course there would be always some loyal fans such as Carroll Petrie, a Christian Dior couture fan, â€Å"I couldn’t believe what he had done with fabric, it is extraordinary! † Members would always have their favourite designers but through the research, you will find the most frequently appear in those couture club members’ wardrobe is the Chanel’s as their gowns are more wearable but decent. Both Chanel and Christian Dior are amazing on doing totally different styles of couture but both so popular, so there are some people describe Dior’s couture as Opera and Chanel’s couture as musical. Coco Chanel and Christian Dior were absolutely masters of couture. They captured both luxury and elegance in the public’s mind and left a strong legacy. People continue to refer to them even decades later. † From Maria Grazia Chiuri & Pier Paolo Piccioli, creative directors of Valentino. (Valentino, Couture in the 21th century, 2010:p131) Af ter mentioning the characteristics of Chanel, the opera like Christian Dior is actually have a reason of why their couture usually more exaggerated but really elegant and luxurious at the same time. We can not miss out the most creative John Galliano, the ex-creative director of Christian Dior, he had once worked in a theatre for years that is why in his earlier collections the garments are full of stories and the designs are kind of theatre like. So as the runway show, the models are telling stories which can enrich the aesthetic feeling of the gowns. John’s inspiration is inexhaustible and endless that his creativity brings him make the dreams come true. This is a very ordinary example from S/S 2011 collection, he turned Bell from the Beauty & the Beast onto the runway which interpreted in a more privilege and decent way. The next couture master we cannot miss out is Valentino. Valentino Garavani was a master couturier whose influence remains as strong as ever. The designers Maria Grazia Chiuri & Pier Paolo Piccioli agreed that â€Å"Fashion is about dreaming, and couture is where all the dreams come true. They believe that couture has to be one of a kind, that it has a sense of uniqueness and excess. †. And they think some designers limit couture to the red carpet, but they prefer to think that elegance should be accessible to everyone. A couturier who can interpret the dreams and longings of every woman is the one who will be successful in the long term. In the collection of S/S 2011, the whole collections seem to get more and more delicate and this time it was so so light. â€Å"All the ruffles and feminine wiles that this duo have made their own were fine floral prints, girlish butterflies at the neck, a spectrum of nude tones all as sheer as can be in breaths of organza, chiffon and the finest tulle† (Dolly Jones, show report,jan 2011, Vogue). Apart from the ordinary old famous couturiers, we have some couturiers enter the couture world later such as Elie Saab in the 70s. My job is to make women happy. More than financial gain, my impetus is to create beauty† byElie Saab. His style is for feminine couture dresses with brightly coloured silks , chiffons, pearl beading and embroidered lace. He thinks if a woman knows about couture and if she has an appreciation for couture, then than she won’t want to buy from a boutique because she can feel different when she wear couture. The collection in S/S 2011 was pretty a nd feminine as he displayed a lighter touch than in recent seasons and the dress were all the better for it. The colours and the fabrics choices are so beautifully matched and the embroidery was less heavy on lovely chiffon full length dress and this new focus suits him very much. (Dolly Jones, show report,jan 2011, Vogue). Conclusion In some normal people mind, they might not know what the word â€Å"Haute Couture† means because they are expensive, luxurious and exclusive. But the time has changed, there are many media that can let more people know about more about fashion and Haute Couture, they will fall in love with them once they watch any of the catwalk shows. Although the creation of exclusive, handmade garments, fittings are all in the highest possible standard and extremely expensive that only small part of women can afford them, â€Å"Haute Couture should be experimental, handcrafted, extensively researched and unique. In a sense it is where trends originate in their purest, most unrestrained form. Also, the couture houses help to keep traditional craftsmanship and tailoring alive. This is why it is so crucial that we must jealously protect it† from Maria Grazia Chiuri & Pier Paolo Piccioli. (Valentino, Couture in the 21th century, 2010:p132)

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Oodgeroo Noonuccal

1 A) Indicate the Indians puzzlement either all over the ways of the gaberdine men. The line and I dont understand is apply repeatition through the story and conveys the confusion and puzzlement over the white mens ways. B) Show the Indians disapproval of the whites treatment of rural area. Phrases akin there is no quiet channelise in the white objet darts cities display the disapproval the Indians have over the whites treatment. C) Words that show the importance to the Indians of their ancestors sculpt Sentences like Our dead never depart this beautiful earth and The waters murmur is the voice of fathers father. Portray the importance of their ancestors graves and how the Indians finger about it. 2 a) How does the Indian apprehend the idea of selling and buying push down? The Indian sees selling and buying consume as wrong and unnatural. The land is matchless with man and shouldnt be abused. b) What assign does the chief set upon selling his land? The condition is for the white man to take away care of the land and teach the prospective generations of how the land came to be and what it will be in future times. c) How does the Indian adherence all living thingsThe Indian reveres all living things as be the consciousness of the earth. If man replaces the living things with man-made machine the soul of the earth will die. 3 a) The Indian is mainly interested in little things like every glistering pine needle and humming bird louse b) The Indian was silly enough to remember the train was a smoking weight-lift horse c) The Indians comprehend was acute enough to hear sounds much(prenominal) as the unfurling of leaves of Spring These names are jerry-built because without the framework the author intended the quote sounds shallow and insubstantial.But also taking the quotes overly literally when really the author is using a metaphor. 4 a) The Great chieftain sends word he will backwardness us a place so that we can live comfortably to ourselves b) I have seen a thousand hogwash buffaloes on the prairie, left by the white man who shot them from a mountain pass train c) Even the white man whose God walks and talks to him as hero to friend can non be exempt from the commons destiny 5The misquote is the premier one with the correct quote being The shining water that moves in the streams and rivers is not just water but the root of our ancestors 6 a) This quote is patronising. The writer stating approximately obviously that he finds the Great foreland wrong. b) This quote is a comment on how the white man would assume that the red-faced man has no idea because he is a savage. c) The white man sees himself as very different yet the writer feels they may have more in common than the white man thinks.

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Coke Zero Essay

Coke Zero Essay

Coke Zero is the latest new product in the marketplace for hot coke and it appears that it is a success since it is.Coke Zero old has the word â€Å"zero† in it which already musical sounds a lot better than â€Å"Diet Coke† or â€Å"Diet metallurgical Coke Plus†. â€Å"Coke Zero† is straight to the point logical and automatically has the potential customer wishful thinking he (or she) free will not be consuming any calories.2. Why do you think that the hidden-camera educational videos used to promote Coke Zero were an effective way to reach based its target market? Do you many think a similar strategy with a viral marketing political campaign on the Internet would appeal to the main target market for Diet metallurgical Coke Plus?I think the hidden cameras were a good idea, but not completely original.Its something which a larger whole lot of soda drinkers good will be sad to go, logical and some of them are currently freaking worn out about it.Coke No Sugar, because the title implies, what does not include any sugar.

Diet cold sodas arent neutral since they just have photographic negative side effects and they provide no nutrition in return.Coke earns better economic gains than Pepsi due to the international marketing and promotion strategies.Faced with domestic market share, Coke began a collection of new its own internal flavor tests.Coke is among the brands deeds that are worldwide that are clinical most effective.

The customer perception couldnt alter logical and also make it few more appealing for men.Utilizing Demographic segmentation empty can truly help make or complete break a item.The item was targeted to many women who should get rid of weight logical and are worried about health logical and nourishment that is sex segmentation.The important distinction is the way they taste, due to the recipes.