Monday, July 29, 2019

Case summary in operation management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Case summary in operation management - Essay Example Oftentimes it is related to ecological resources. Ecological sustainability is referred to as the company’s ability to use natural resources at its current pace without depleting the resources or supply it depends upon (Miranda, Kay 2014). The company in our case uses pine wood, results of which, according to research conducted, cause abiotic depletion, global warming, ozone layer depletion and other environmental damages. Recommended actions are to reduce resources used, substitution of fireboard with plywood, design and others that would contribute to sustainability of supply because use of wood is not sustainable. Since sustainability is everybody else’s responsibility, industry must set the lead by instituting process changes or designs, and it devise plans to minimize wastes and disturb the eco-system. It has been suggested that businesses must not focus only on sales and profit, but should include in their agenda a partnership with community to improve its relationship. Community relations would attract customers, more future sales and quality life for future generations.(Miranda, Kay 2014) The study showed that thru research are eco-friendly ways were found that can address sustainability of supply. For instance they came up with a way to disassemble the box for further use and arrived at designs that decrease its dependence on forest woods. For me, sustainability should start with company practices that are related with existing resources and collaboration with suppliers, government and community. Sustainability operation is a long term solution most of which are geared to the future and long-term survival of business. It also needs the government, as the custodial of the environment; say for example, landfills and waste management. Factories throw way a lot of toxic wastes and a ruling from the government eliminates this

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