Sunday, July 28, 2019

A short story or a poem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

A short story or a poem - Essay Example It was actually a fine day, which means when it was not particularly busy and we have some time for ourselves. I remember myself pushing some chairs, dragging them out of boredom and sheer laziness that they make some scraping sounds on the floor. I noted how, Mrs. Dory, an elderly regular and the only customer present, darted me piercing looks for annoying her fine breakfast. I ignored her entirely as I twiddled with some condiments on my hands, sending some caps down the floor in the process. Everyone was doing the same, on the counter Easton was still probably mooning over the past weekend, back at the kitchen the other guys must be asleep out of non-exhaustion, except probably with Marie, who were outside with her sun and reading her book. Needless to say, Tim was absent to cheer every one up. Just as Mrs. Dory was rising, perhaps to complain about my behavior, a woman was suddenly at the door. It was nothing much, really, except for the fact that there was only Mrs. Dory and I and the Easton visibly present. I was immediately jolted back from my troubles, out of my tantrums and, automatically, forced a smile on my face to welcome the newcomer. She was about 40, smallish - frail, if you may - and had the shock of black hair, which, now that I think about it, resembled the mop that framed Tims head. Anyway, she was making his way towards Easton, clutching a paper with her hand draped on her breast. The counter was close so I overheard her faint words. "Well, actually, theres no manager. Theres only the owner, Mr. Craig who comes here every so often to check on us. But if you have any message for him, I could just tell him or you can go back tomorrow afternoon. He will be here." There is really nothing like being told that someone close to you, of your own age and someone who have worked with you for a long time have died so suddenly. I, honestly, did not know what to say. Everything was like a blur and next thing I know she was gone and there was

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