Thursday, July 25, 2019

Project Life Cycle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Project Life Cycle - Essay Example During this stage a suitable response to the problem is documented in a business case alongside recommendations that detail solution alternatives. Feasibility study comes handy to examine if each alternative addresses objectives of the project before making the final recommendation. In the feasibility the team asks the question â€Å"can we do the project?†And in justification the question â€Å"should we do the project?† is asked. Planning is the next stage that serves to further develop the project solution. Here, the team makes a detail study of the work as it identifies the project steps and resource requirements and at the same time come up with a working strategy to help meet the set goals. To accomplish this, the team comes up with an outline of the tasks, activities, dependencies and timeframes. It is this point where the project manager develops the project budget to help control and monitor expenditure during implementation stage. Together all this is referred to as the scope management.The other important consideration is risk management, an aspect which looks into matters that pose possible threats to the whole process. Here, â€Å"high-threat† potential problems are established along with the measures that are to be taken (Kanda, 2011). Finally, the project manager documents a quality plan; detailing on quality targets, control measures, and assurance alongside an acceptance plan. During this third stage, the project plan is set on motion to carry out the task of the project as the team monitors the progress and make necessary adjustments, which are also recorded as variations from the original plan. In addition, this stage involves reporting on progress through regular team meetings. The information gathered here helps to maintain control over the path taken by the project through analysis of activities performance when comparing the output to the project plan. . Status reports delivered in

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