Saturday, October 12, 2019

How Tv Impacts Teens :: essays research papers

Bud...Weis... Er!† This is a phrase that teenagers hear everyday. Where do they hear this? They hear it on TV. It is a phrase used in a commercial for beer. This phrase is used to attract people’s attention including teenagers. This is one of many problems with TV these days. TV teaches teens the wrong material. Some of the other problems with TV include violence and dialogue. When it comes to commercials on TV, people think of the cola wars between Pepsi and Coca-Cola, or maybe they think of the famous Energizer bunny. However, there are also commercials for beer and cigarettes. These are items that could be fatal in some cases. Yet, these items are advertised on TV for teenagers to see. Commercials for beer or cigarettes aren’t to pursue just adults, but to pursue adolescents as well. The tobacco companies and alcohol companies know that teens are the age group who are most vulnerable, therefore these large industries target their ads towards teens. For example, there is a commercial for Molson Ice –a brand of beer– that use teens in their ad. The ad’s scenario is a high school party where teens are having fun while drinking beer. So what are teenagers going to think? They will think that if they drink beer they will have as much as the teens in the commercial. As a result of adolescents drinking there will be violence. Where do teens learn the concept of violence? Where else but TV. There is definitely way too much violence on television. For example on cable networks such as HBO or Showtime, there are shows that are built around violence. Shows such as OZ. This show is about prisoners who fight and kill for the sake of fighting and killing. These kinds of shows cause teens to be violent. Teens see only one way of dealing with their problems and instead dealing with obstacles peacefully, they use their fists, knives, or even guns. Another result of violence on TV is the formation of gangs. Teenage gangs exist throughout the state of New York, including the peaceful town of Port Washington, where I live. So now people will realize that violent teens is due to the violenceon TV.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  A third problem with TV is the dialogue. Adolescents today make more grammar mistakes then ever before. The grammar problems are a result of watching TV shows that use too many slang words and phrases instead of real English.

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