Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Health promotion in mental health nursing Essay

Health promotion in mental health nursing - Essay Example s such as the UK, United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada where the neoliberal philosophy underlies government policies in the realm of political and social life (Donelan et al., 1999). Unfortunately, these policies result in the distinct trend towards privatization and weakening of health care systems. At the same time, the need for quality mental health care is steadily increasing. However, the economic trends, coupled with state budget cuts, and limited access to mental health providers in the community do not allow health care systems respond adequately. Emergency departments are swamped with people with mental health problems with nowhere to go; and the failure to treat those with serious mental health problems has resulted in incalculable cost, in terms of real dollars and human suffering, to the community and individuals (Gruskin & Dickens, 2006, p. 1904). The economic aspect is only one side of the coin: abundant criticism poured on the traditional intervention methods and models currently used in mental health care systems suggests that the time has come to search for alternative approaches. One of the available alternatives is the public health model that has already been tested in different environments, but has not yet received universal acclaim. The nature of this model as well as the outcomes of its prior use suggests that it can be effectively used in the field of mental health Over the last decades the developed states have effectively implemented a series of public health approaches to health issues such as obesity and anorexia, seat belt use, drink driving prevention, diabetes and other. However, one highly important aspect of our health has not received due consideration probably because of the fact that it does not belong to the realm of physical health. Although mental health has already been proven to be the key to overall physical health, many people still lack adequate understanding of its importance mental health and are not

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