Monday, November 4, 2019


CURRENT ISSUES IN FINANCIAL REPORTINGED IFRS7 - Essay Example (IFRS News 2006). In addition, the IFRS also deals will amending the existing risk disclosure requirements for other insurance contracts of the IFRS 4. Recently, most companies and huge industries in the United States and Europe has come to comply and revised their system in order to adapt their system into the new field of financial strategy. This means that these financial instruments are also applicable to financial and non-financial institutions. This is because the extend of the disclosure strictly requires the dependency of the institution's extent of their entity's used of their financial instruments and its exposure to its risk. One example that can define this explanation is the loan commitment (as an un recognized financial instrument). Prior to any information being disseminated in the institutions, it was announced that the latest disclosure requirements are applicable for periods starting before on after 1 January 2007 (IFRS News, 2006). Through this, all of the institutions are encouraged to submit their application. We all know that there are a lot of financial instruments, which have been designed for various institutions and will all of these; one of the most distinct assets that the IFRS 7 holds amongst of them is that has a way of providing boundaries to financial institutions which can help them protect and at the same time sustain their financial operation. Also, since it was implemented to disclose their financial records, the IFRS 7 allows them to have a further understanding on how each institution can further generate a more profitable income for the next five years. At some point, this method works in favor for the institutions. One of the unique and interesting features that I found regarding this was that it is distinctly divided into two sections. The first covers disclosures are about the figures in the balance sheets or income statements, while the other deals with the risk disclosure. (IFRS News, 2006). From this division, we can see that there is a unique way of approaching the financial aspect of the each institution, such that the second section is the one who solves or takes charge with the risk disclosures that normally and consistently arise from a financial instrument, giving the approach and the system, an eye to oversee the whole situation, through the perspective of the management. Furthermore, the information, which was provided for disclosure and also for the main personnel in the management division, is the one that disclosed the information. This new scope or system of developing the financial instrument is quite interesting such that for the past years, if we would look into the picture and scenario of businesses and corporations that have probably was on the top chart once in the business reviews and then suddenly disappeared, or have lost their momentum into the big picture, have a common analogy and reason behind the collapse of their institution, can be rooted mostly from the dysfunction in the management system with regards to their perspective on financial stability. Thus, since the IFRS 7 holds the new method

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