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Citation Exercise Relate Research Interest Example

Citation Exercise Relate Research Interest Example Citation Exercise Relate Research Interest – Book Report/Review Example English as Global Language: Problems, Dangers, Opportunities Introduction Eva Kushner is the of English as Global Language: Problems, Dangers, Opportunities. She critically analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of English language. However, the present paper takes her unfavorable drawbacks on English language. Without further ado, the annotated reaction will begin with a significant feedback relative to how the article allows the reader to be open-minded. Annotated Reaction The paper of Kushner has been complicated to understand, but it clearly signifies its main idea of which language makes one comfortable to express one’s emotions, ideas, knowledge, and feelings (17). Regardless of how Kushner had emphasized the ability of English language to unify the diverse nationalities of people, she never failed to mean that such language could mean the â€Å"educators and decision makers† to understand and interpret others perspectives and sayings with complex results (18). She is good in terms of taking the win-win analysis of emphasizing the dark and good side of using English; however, she has been more definite in terms of clarifying that there is â€Å"survival of linguistic diversity† (Kushner 20). Ergo, her assumptions are relative to what Gonzalez and Tolron assumed that there should be a realistic fame on considering that people should not be blind to overuse and forgot their own language (13). The paper of Kushner on English as Global Language: Problems, Dangers, Opportunities buzzes the people to identify themselves to who really they are by using their own native language that will determine their own nationality and race that they should be proud of. ConclusionKushner is assertive to falsify and question the prominence and globalization of English. Readers could intimately relate with her assumption of how an individual becomes repressive in expressing one’s real emotions and ideas with English language. Kushner ideas made t he readers swag their own native tongue. Therefore, Kushner will definitely succeed to make the people realized how English could cut-out the spontaneity of one’s true intentional urges. Work CitedGonzalez, Madelena, and Francine Tolron. Eds. Translating Identity and the Identity of Translation. Newcastle,UK: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2006. Print.Kushner, Eva. â€Å"English as Global Language: Problems, Dangers, Opportunities.† Diogenes 50.2 (2003): 17-23.Print.

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