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AP World History Chapter 14 Essay Example

AP World History Chapter 14 Essay Example AP World History Chapter 14 Paper AP World History Chapter 14 Paper Essay Topic: Literature What percentage of the western European population was rural during the late Middle Ages? 90% Western Europeans of the later Middle Ages referred to themselves as ________________. Latins What caused the end of serfdom in western Europe? The Black Death List 4 contributors to the doubling of the European population between 1100-1445. *Not Unification under Christianity The Bubonic Plague was brought to Europe by _________ traders Genoese What was the three-field system? An agricultural method By the time it subsided, the Black Death had killed what percentage of western Europeans? 1/3 33% List 4 social results of the Black Death epidemic. *Not call for democracy Where had windmills and watermills been common? in the Islamic world In Europes later Middle Ages, the rapid growth of industry resulted in environmental changes; list 4 ​of them. *Not The extinction of many animal species What was a result of the continued growth of trade and manufacturing after 1200? The growth of urban areas in the Latin West List 4 reasons for the growth of metal working industries in the Middle Ages. -Improved mining techniques from central Europe. -New soures of metals. -Blast Furnaces. -Watermills ALL OF THESE What was the crucial factor to the growth of cities? Increased trade What was Marco Polos goal? Travel to the mongol capital What was the predominant city for trade with the Far East during the Middle Ages? Venice List 4 characteristics of trading cities in Europe during the Middle Ages. *Not They were home to most of Europes Jews What official role did the Catholic Church play in the persecution of Jews in medieval Europe? No role, the church was officially the protector of the Jews What was a guild? An association of craft specialists from the same trade What was one of the most significant growth industries in the 14th century? Merchant banking Where was the Hanseatic League based? Germany List 4 characteristics of merchant banking in the fifteenth century. -Investments. -Shareholding companies. -Checking accounts. -Money changing/ Loans. What architectural wonder first made its appearance in France on or about the year 1140 C.E.? Gothic cathedrals List 4 distinctive features of the Gothic cathedral. *Not Domes Where did the Renaissance begin? Northern Italy Some of the lost knowledge of the Greek and Arab world came into the Latin West through the ​recapture of what areas, and from whom? recapture of southern Italy from Byzantines and of Sicily and Toledo from the Muslims Before they were expelled in 1492, where was the largest population of Jews in the West found? Spain What were the two new religious orders in the 13th century that lent themselves to teaching? Dominican and Franciscans In the universities of the Latin West, all courses were taught in _________. Latin, duh The most notable work in Scholasticism, the Summa Theologica, was written by ____________. Thomas Aquinas List 4 features of the Divine Comedy. *Not It was written in Latin What was one of the significant features of the growth of literature in the 14-15th century? The composition of literature in the vernacular In what area could the greatest influence of the humanists be found? In the area of reforming secondard education What factor fostered artistic growth in the Renaissance? The patronage of wealthy merchants and prelates Credit for the lost art of painting being revived is traditionally given to which individual? Giotto What changes transformed later medieval military technology? Firearms and crossbows with metal-tipped arrows List 4 characteristics oft the Magna Carta. -Affirmed that the monarchs were subject to established laws. -Comfirmed the indepedence of the church and the city of London. -Guaranteed the nobles hereditary rights. -Also known as the Great Charter. Who led the French to victory in a decisive battle during the Hundred Years War? Joan of Arc Over what did the Great Western Schism originate? The nationality of the pope List 4 elements of the new monarchies in Europe between 1450-1600. -They relied of full time aries paid for by taxes. -It increased control over powerful noble families . -The Primary nations were England, France, and Spain. -Increased centralized power within large fixed geographic limits. ALL OF THESE Spains reconquest and political consolidation excluded which group? Muslims By 1500, what had become a permanent part of English Government? The English Parliament

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