Saturday, August 17, 2019

Tobacco use esay

The effects of smoking are harmful to one's body and can cause numerous health issues ND in some cases death-More than 5 million deaths a year is a huge amount of people that are being effected by tobacco use,and the number keeps growing. The county of Asia is especially affected by tobacco use and its harmful character traits. The global community must take steps to eliminate tobacco use. Smoking rates are very high in South Asian communities. South Asians often smoke cigarettes, bids or a hookah, or chew tobacco in pan or gotcha.There are many health risks for example, chewing pan makes you five times more likely to get oral cancer (Palo Alto medical foundation). People in Asia find it very hard to stop smoking, 700 Million men in Asia say they can not get through the day with out smoking a cigarette. Cigarette consumption in China soared between 1970 and 1 990 but has fallen slightly since. In Asia smoking among men is far more common than in the West. The worry, says Burke Fishbo ne of the World Health Organization (WHO), is that Asia will follow the Western trend, with more women taking up smoking as men quit.In Vietnam, for example, cigarettes are being peddled to urban women as a â€Å"sophisticated† pursuit. (Bangkok) Smoking was rotationally not considered lady like but the tobacco companies targeted all women from media , fashion and anything else they could think of that would get the attention of women. (Core Press) People are trying to stop smoking worldwide and are trying to start a war against smoking-Heath leaders are getting together tying to come up with ideas on how they can get smoking band or get it set to a certain age limit .Today there are 1. 1 billion smokers 80%,in the developing world. Starting today representatives from 191 nations are gathering together to insider the smoking treaty that could restrict tobacco marketing to young proportions in Asia and it is likely with the maturation Of this epidemic and increased risk of dea th from cancer and other smoking Disease. Asia marks it's productions and it has the best selling point, Most people that sell cigarettes to Asia don't care about there health, they just care about there rates being improved.Some countries such as; Brunet, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand want them to put warning labels on cigarette packs. Other countries such as; Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Manner, Philippines, and Vietnam require only text warnings. Turban designates wants to Increase tax to make tobacco products as unaffordable as possible he thinks that would be the best way for them to go. (David Tan) So many polices have been in Asia that both have high and low income.Countries are waking up to Tobacco related health diseases,researchers say public awareness of smoking risks coupled with aggressive tobacco marketing has left Asian nations with some of the most highest smoking rates in the world. At times when sustained anti-smoking campaigns have lowered rates in the U. S. And parts of Europe. N a country where 44 percent of the male population smokes a Health Minister named Moon Hung-Pay said the time had come to grapple seriously with the biggest threat to national health†Many Asian countries are in the early stages of the tobacco epidemic,† said by the POLO Medicine study. Hewitt) Dry. Alan Lopez the Pacific is particularly bad Countries like Tong, PANG, Jackrabbit all have smoking prevalence in males above 50 per cent, and very high in females. That is unusual what we tend to see in the developing countries Asia, is comparatively high and disturbingly high in fact. Prevalence for ales, around 40 to 50 per cent but much lower prevalence for females. We do not tend to see that in the Pacific where women are smoking almost as much as men. (Garrett) . (Schemer, Ron ).Europe may be leading the efforts to stamp out smoking in public places . Pipe have been studying and it shows that teens smoking rate is very high to . But there losing at tryin g to get the teens to stop smoking most teens are doing it because other people are doing and they want fit in . The U. S. Is trying to promote smokers to stop by putting up signs and commercials and APS this way will get teens attention more . Over the next 10 years most scientists are researching polonium in cigarettes and the radioisotope .The people that seal cigarettes are trying to get out they contract on smoking because the see how bad it's hurting people and how unhealthy it is . Smokers show that symptoms of addiction suck as withdrawal ,craving ,failed attempts to stop happen in the first week of smoking the percent of smoking went from 25 percent to 35 These results reside the question about nicotine from just one cigarette can mess up and alter your brain to trigger and addiction -when people try to interview the makers of cigarettes they don't have comments on the subject or say the same thing you can always stop smoking.Tobacco use is a world wide epidemic that effect s different genders,races and age group, Ones experience hits close to home. When MS pots was 22 in college she was pledging. She had to give cigarettes out to the big sisters in her sorority. As she keep selling them she began to smoke them her self,she thought if she would do it she would be cool. In 201 1 she was diagnosed with COPED which stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She had to walk around with a oxygen tank On her back for two years.She tried multiply times to stop she tried a peal called Chianti for two months but that didn't work. On October 1 2010 she feel on her knees to God and asked him to please take the taste away from her. Since the she has never put a cigarette in her mouth since then. There are many possible solutions to kicking the habit of smoking like; raising prices of cigarettes,banning CIA ret ads,restricting advertisement to youth ,tougher laws on marketing,reduction of tar and nicotine levels,stop attraction of cigarettes .

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