Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Person I Admire Most Is Nelson Mandela Essay

The Person I Admire Most Is Nelson Mandela - Essay Example Slavery became so evident that the victims panicked, and their bodies sweated, as they would not accumulate the mistreatment anymore. People were ruled through abrasive rules that wounded many lives to the extent many sobbed bitterly. In 1994, discrimination was dismantled through the first democratic election and Nelson Mandela became elected as the president. In his leadership, he emphasized much on forgiveness towards a rainbow nation consisted of unity and harmony. To date, many emulate Nelson as a public figure that transformed South Africa into his leadership. An endless flow of peace and harmony became evident in the nation. Today, he belongs to the category of modern heroes that graced civilizations with his noble contribution and personal charisma. His life characterized a man who was a thirst for freedom, equality, political rights. Still, he was distressed to see his fellow Africans suffering and crying all day long. These broke his heart and infused him with the desire to fight for democracy and liberty for all. He accomplished these with cruel torture, shed blood, and resistance from the whites who disregarded the democratic governance. Additionally, Nelson Mandela spent some years in jail and was severely mistreated. While in Jail, Nelson Mandela could hear his conscience whispering â€Å"Do not give up.† Although the experience was so painful, it reminded him of what the nation would become if he gave up. Winning would mean so much that life would be normal and one could go anywhere he or she wished. During his 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela became a source of aspiration and inspiration (Mandela and Crwys-Williams 22). Personally, I emulate him because his greatest accomplishment was not only in becoming the president but also in abolishing slavery and discrimination. He ushered in harmony, democratic governance, social harmony, and national unity that many recognizes up-to-date.

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