Friday, August 2, 2019

The World of Transgender, Homosexual, and Intersex Individuals Essay ex

Sex and gender make up one of the most basic functions in our society. Gender helps delineate tasks and how we refer to people, and is reinforced for us throughout our lives (Lorber 2006). Gender interacts with sex in varying ways (Disch 2006). Those who are not strictly heterosexual male or female are not readily accepted and face adversity as they bend gender and defy sex. It has long been debated whether there is a difference between sex and gender, and if so, what that difference is. In recent years it has been suggested that sex is a purely biological term, and gender is socially constructed, or defined and enforced by society. Sex is assigned at birth based on the genitalia, and usually, gender is determined by the sex. If parents are told their baby is a girl, they will reinforce traditional female stereotypes for her whole life. Society and peers will also help to reinforce her gender as she begins to spend more time outside of her immediate family. In this way, gender is a process, whereas sex is simply a static characteristic based on one’s physical appearance. The more dynamic process of gendering, however, defines â€Å"man† and â€Å"woman,† teaches one to see and internalize what is expected from one’s gender, and to act according to those expectations (Lorber 2006). When one’s biological sex and one’s internal gender are the same (a female with a vagina or a male with a penis), one is cissexual, or non-transgender. However, when one is born with the inappropriate sexual equipment, one is transgender, or one who feels one gender but has the sex organs of the other. The misalignment of sexual and gender identities raises a puzzling question. If gender is solely based on one’s genitalia, as biological determi... ... eschew them as I examine the world from other perspectives. It is still difficult to avoid this white privilege in looking at the world around me, but I have realized how lucky I am, and have become more interested in those unlike myself. I look forward to learning more about the diversity of our world throughout the rest of this class. Works Cited Associated Press. 2005. â€Å"Boi or grrl? Pop culture redefining gender.† MSNBC, October 1. Retrieved October 13, 2007 ( Goldberg, Alan. (Producer). 2007, April 25. 20/20: My secret self [Television broadcast]. ABC News. Lane, Ruth. 2007. â€Å"Book excels in gender issues: Encourages student in identifying, coping during changes.† The Spectator, September 27, 6B. Lauer, Jeanette C. and Robert H. Lauer. 2006. Social Problems and the Quality of Life. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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