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Interpersonal Communication Principles and Misconceptions

Interpersonal communication Interpersonal communication is the form of communication that exists between two people; it is a universal kind of communication. It includes the daily exchange that may be formal in nature or informal in nature and can be in the form of facial expression, sounds, gestures, words and postures (MBA Knowledge base, 2011). Interpersonal communication, involves dissemination and reception of objective message or information between two or more people/groups with an aim of getting the desired effect on the receiving individual or groups (Ally Bacon, 1999). Some professional however contend that for a communication to qualify to be considered interpersonal communication then the two parties involved must be at close proximity and must be familiar with each other or share something in common. In whichever definition that holds, there is one fact that underlies in them all, that there are channels of transmission involved. These are the modes or the medium that the sender chooses to use to disseminate his message to the receiver. Via these channels, the sender can effectively convey intended message to the targeted receiver only when and if they understand emotional intelligence (EI) of the group/person or the target groups. There is need therefore for the couple to first learn the EI of each other and kno w which channels would be the best and easiest to use and convey their message to each other. Principles and misconceptions There areShow MoreRelatedCommunication Is Intentional Or Unintentional? Essay1438 Words   |  6 PagesInterpersonal Relationships First, communication is unavoidable. We communicate for many reasons to reach practical goals. Most communication is intentional. Communication can be unintentional too through the use of nonverbal communication and word choices. An important principle of communication is people are not mind readers†¦people judge you by your behavior and not your intent† (King, 2000). Regardless of whether communication is intentional or unintentional there are strategies for avoidingRead MoreDefine and contrast the three ethical perspectives. How do the perspectives differ from the ethical theories? What does each ethical perspective tell us about morality and virtue?1405 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction- Thesis Statement I want to provide strategies for resolving or managing interpersonal conflict within a relationship. Participants will learn about the causes and effects of conflict; evaluate the appropriate use of different conflict management styles; and focus on the application of collaborative, win-win techniques. Body Paragraph # 1 Topic Sentence: Identify the barriers to effective interpersonal interactions. Supporting Evidence: 1. The negative emotions from previous experiencesRead Moreletter of advice com 200 wk 51575 Words   |  7 Pagesto effectively communicate in your relationship. In taking an interpersonal communication course, I have learned several concepts that I would like to share with you throughout this letter. I feel that it is only right that I share information I have learned for the marriage you have ahead. I know that you are newly engaged, and this information will prove to be of use in your relationship. It is important that interpersonal communication become the building blocks between both parties. This will highlyRead MoreChallenges in Interpersonal Relationships976 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿ Challenges in Interpersonal Relationship Class 101 Laura Lyles COM 200 Interpersonal Communication Kenneth Newton April 8, 2013 Challenges In Interpersonal Relationship Class 101 Dear Jace and Kelli, I am thrilled to know that you are taking this class in Interpersonal Relationship. This class is to strengthen and empower you two as a couple as you embark on your new transition of becoming a married couple. Many areas will be covered in this class.Read MoreInterpersonal Communication2332 Words   |  10 PagesAbstract Interpersonal communication is a form of communication involving people who are dependent upon each other and with a common history. There are various aspects of interpersonal communication that can be discussed. This paper looks at the principles of interpersonal communication, its barriers and relationship with emotional intelligence. Four principles are identified, which are: interpersonal communication is inescapable; interpersonal communication is irreversible; interpersonal communicationRead MoreJohn Andsarah2373 Words   |  10 PagesJohn and Sarah Com 200 Interpersonal Communication Dear John and Sarah, First off, let me welcome you to a brand new world of love, care family bonds and holy matrimony. My name is Stacey Lindsey, and I am going to give you an idea of interpersonal communication is going to affect your lives, and the skills/knowledge you will need in order to find yourselves together and still happy 50 years down the road. Marriage today seems, to some, to be a fly-by-night operationRead MoreI Am An Active Listener As Well998 Words   |  4 Pageshelp you develop and keep the communication open and active in your relationship. To become complacent in a relationship will allow the relationship to become stagnant therefore leading to dissolution. It is easy to get comfortable in a relationship and assume everything is fine. Early on in a relationship, interpersonal communication is solid but it seems to fade with time; it is a daily battle to keep communication at the forefront of our lives. Accepting the principles and misunderstandings of effectiveRead MoreCommunication Techniques That May Affect Gender And Culture Essay2392 Words   |  10 Pagesengagement and offer some knowledge on effective communication techniques that may allow your relationship to be a lasting one. Though there is not an actual reason for, or a precise number on, failed marriages within the United States, although some research suggests that it may be around a 50% success rate (Stanton, 2016). These statistics can be a little nerve-racking, but they can be averted in your relationship by allowing an open channel of communication with each other. Together you must understandRead MoreThe Importance Of Nonverbal Communication1056 Words   |  5 PagesCommunication has been described as a flow of information between two parties principally between a source and a receiver. Communication is a any behavioral approach that can come in the verbal, nonverbal or graphic form that is sent by one and recei ve by another. Communication demonstrates our ability to interact and influence others in a useful way. Successful people are not only proficient in their own fields but also communication oriented and possessed a quality to demonstrate professional behaviorRead MoreLetter to Newly Married Couple on Interpersonal Communication2320 Words   |  10 PagesLetter to Newly Married Couple on Interpersonal Communication Jacovah Ling Joan Golding 08/25/2014 Letter to Newly Married Couple on Interpersonal Communication Dear Dave and Sally, It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to share with you

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