Friday, January 31, 2020

Four Seasons Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Four Seasons - Essay Example The objective of the organization which was to ‘personalize exceptional service’ attracts a very high number of clients and makes it very popular. Furthermore, Four Seasons also strives very hard to anticipate the needs of any customer and provide those needs even before the customer has requested for them. Four Seasons was also the pioneer of many unique services that has now become the norm when it comes to the hotels. For example, providing concierge services, repair of shoes, supplying shampoos, laundry and ironing services, multi cuisine menu and so on were pioneered by this hotel group, thus; giving it a very strong position in the hotel industry. An organization becomes an employer of choice not just by providing good salary and perks to its employees, but more importantly by providing tremendous amount of respect as well as a good working environment (Ablrichs, 2000). Four Seasons has succeeded in doing that. Four Seasons is considered to be an employer of choice because of its high focus on employee satisfaction. Along with benefits and remunerations, employees are highly respected. The employees treat each other the same way a guest is treated at the hotel. This creates a very healthy and robust environment that is necessary in the hospitality industry. ... In 2008, Four Seasons featured as no.88 in the Fortune List of best companies to work for. In 2011, they moved up to no. 53, giving testimony to the fact that it is indeed an employer of choice (, 2011). 2. Explain its culture, is it unique to the company, how does this vary from its major competitors? In the hospitality industry, customer holds the key and is focused upon immensely (Butcher, Sparks & O’Callaghan, 2001). However, the unique culture of Four Seasons hotels is the high focus that it has on the employees. The culture of this chain of hotels is centered on a philosophy that everyone follows to the core. The golden rule is that everyone in the organization deals with others in the same way that they want to be dealt with. Primarily it comes down to how each employee of the organization is dealt with warmth, respect as well as courtesy. This level of respect and warmth directly translates into excellent customer service for the clients. The clients also receive personalized service that is done with a lot of warmth and care. This type of services forms the most attractive aspect of staying in a Four Seasons hotel. The culture of the company also gives immense freedom to each department and hence, the employees can put forth any ideas without hesitating. This created a very open and transparent culture, contributing to employee satisfaction. Furthermore, it was evident that employee satisfaction was also equally important as customer satisfaction. Most of the employees remain in the organization for a long period and grow in their roles. This also created employee loyalty and strengthened the culture of the organization. An important way of building

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