Friday, February 28, 2020

Remarkable Telecommunication Revolution Assignment - 2

Remarkable Telecommunication Revolution - Assignment Example The mobile phone handset market has various powerfully interlinked entities. It is significant that the popularity and dominance of each company show a discrepancy in each market.  In this industry, major operator’s function using a wide-ranging set of diverse operation modes. Nokia, for example, has factories, R&D, and sales offices all around the world. The factories are generally situated in low-cost nations but most R&D centers are functioning in countries with advanced research and â€Å"R&D† infrastructure such as the United States, Switzerland, Germany, and Finland. The competing companies considered at this point are the mobile handset manufacturers who perform to make their business safe or fight back with the limited factors of production. Internationalization is happening in all areas of the organization. Especially in â€Å"telecommunications† sector, changes are happening each day. The traditional theories of the process of internationalization of organizations are mainly based on the researches carried out on MNC’s engaged in manufacturing. These theories suggest that the firms can start their â€Å"internationalization† by entering into â€Å"foreign markets† with a small â€Å"psychic distance† by entering into â€Å"foreign markets† such as geographical and culturally close nations. Also, the companies can start their â€Å"internationalization† â€Å"internationalization† along with less committed function modes, such as exports, before the commitment of more capital by spending in the â€Å"foreign markets†. The procedure is linear and ultimately develops into a â€Å"global strategy† by the companies.

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