Friday, September 27, 2019

Application Personal Statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Application Personal Statement - Essay Example In line with this, I facilitated the selling of various computer and video games as well as other utility and office software among others. To effectively fulfill this position, one should need to have the passion for the game industry and computer technology in general. From my working experience, I am able to gain substantial knowledge with regard to these subject matters. For instance, I observed that majority of the game software sold in the market are made in Japan. With this, I realized the immensity of the game industry in Japan as relatively more computer and video games are launched from the country than in any other nations in the world. In addition, I observed the degree of specialization of the Japanese game industry as more people are employed to work in developing a particular game as compared to their Western counterpart. After further research, I learned that the United States and Japan are the largest markets for computer and video games in the world as indicated by the popularity of Microsoft's Xbox (US-made) and Sony's Playstation (Japan-made). In this industry, there is intense competition between these products, however, Playstation is still the market leader in terms of sales to date due to the wider selection of teen adult games offered and the creative game design. Given my fascination with the industry, I also learned that in the United States alone, the entire industry is able t... Apart from the game industry, my previous employment has made me well aware of the importance as well as how the quality of life has improved with the advent of computer technology. In this regard, I aspire to make substantial contributions in this field by bringing about the development in information technology as may be required in the future. With my involvement in the game shop, I also learned that the entire industry is plagued with illegal activities such as hacking and piracy. I reckon that these significant issues may be address by the further development of computer technology by computer engineers and scientists of our generation. Moreover, my experience has inspired me to develop new game machines and software that will have positive net effect to the public. My exposure to different types of customers in the game shop helps me understand that one of the primary concerns for computer innovation and technological inventions is their overall impact to the users. This is a vital part of the ethics of computer technology. In order to succeed, one should be aware of this responsibility towards the public and provide them with high quality and beneficial products. With my inclination in the game industry and computer technology as a whole, I believe that it is in my best interest to major in a computer-related course in this University. This academic institution offers comprehensive curricula and rigorous training that bring out the best in its students. Furthermore, it employs highly competitive professors, who are experts in their respective fields, from whom students can learn efficiently. (Word count: 600

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